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  1. photolith

    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    Ive always wanted to visit the National Bottle Museum in Upstate, NY. But its damned near 8 hours away from me. I was in Rome, NY a few months ago but that was still about 2 hours away from Ballston Spa. I'll get there one of these days soon though.
  2. photolith

    Really kinda stumped

    Probably a trident from Atlantis.
  3. photolith

    Spetacular Benedictine Bottle

    Wow, can't say Ive ever seen that bottle before, its freaking amazing. Ive seen a couple of figural religious bottles like the Virgin Mary. Most that I've seen seem to come from Mexico from the early 1900's. This one looks to be about 1880 or so. Not sure if its American or not.
  4. photolith

    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    I have been trying to collect top of the line examples of every type of bottle made between the late 1700s to early 1900s. Museum worthy examples. I would hate to see my collection split apart.
  5. photolith

    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    Just wondering what people’s contingency plans are. Me and my girlfriend have no plans on having children and even if we did I doubt they’d care about the bottles. I’m only 30 and don’t plan on dying anytime soon but I often wonder what will happen with my collection. I have well over 50k of...
  6. photolith

    80's Perfume ?

    Could be a toilet water perfume bottle. I have one similarly shaped with the label still on it.
  7. photolith

    I found this about a foot under ground in the hills by hursts castle.

    It’s an Owens Illinois machine made bottle from the mid 1900s. And the number on the right usually corresponds to the year so most likely it was made in 1949.
  8. photolith

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    On a side note looks like you have some cool civil war stuff. Is that a photo of devils den at Gettysburg?
  9. photolith

    Highlighted embossing makes for easy reading

    Personally I can’t stand it and what the bottle to be as close as to original as possible. But as long as it ain’t permanent than you can do whatever.
  10. photolith

    New To My Collection (been a long time)

    You just walk riverbanks or creeks, its as simple as that and look for bottles or glass.
  11. photolith

    My Collection Photographed Individually

    ^ Wow, not very deep for an 1860s bottle there. Great luck. Also, I still have 95% of my collection to photograph. Just been to busy applying to jobs the past week. Never ever work in oil and gas by the way... Industry is tanking hardcore for the past 5 months. Gotta dig me some bottles...
  12. photolith

    Experimenting with LED light

    Hey now, I know those towns very well as well ;) Was just in Charleroi and Brownsville last week again taking photos of bando.
  13. photolith

    Arkansas bottle digger

    If you live in Arkansas; Ill give you a sweet spot. Although this was back in 2010 when I was going to school at Arkansas Tech in Russellville. I found about 10 Russellville Bottling Works hutches right here along this creek (digging in the banks). I also found back in the woods to the right of...
  14. photolith

    Pittsburgh Area Diggers

    So, I recently became jobless due to the mega bottoming out of natural gas prices per barrel due to the over investment of drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shales here in PA, northern WV and eastern OH. Anyways, I really love history (as that is the primary reason I moved to Pittsburgh 7...
  15. photolith

    My Collection Photographed Individually

    I didn’t even notice the z was backwards... every other example has the z in the correct orientation. Hmmmmm
  16. photolith

    The McKearin numbered GIV-42 Calabash Flask

    I know this is a super old post, but did the Clevengers ever reproduce other versions of the Union Clasp? It seems that they only reprod the ones with the compass. The one I have has an iron pontil. To my knowledge the Clevengers didn’t do iron pontils. Was at an antique store today and saw a...
  17. photolith

    My Collection Photographed Individually

    I'm going to be going through my whole collection and photographing each bottle. I've got about 500 bottles or so to go through, so It's gonna take a while. First starting off with a Union Clasp Flask from the Civil War era. It's got an iron pontil on the bottom, which would date it to no later...
  18. photolith

    How to take modern paint off bottles

    I just soaked them in water for 24 hours and the paint scraped right off with a plastic knife. The Warner’s on the right was the one with all the paint on it.
  19. photolith

    How to take modern paint off bottles

    She didnt know they were antique bottles.
  20. photolith

    How to take modern paint off bottles

    Just asked my mom she said it’s chalk paint with wax over it. She said I should sandpaper it off and I was like uh no def not sand paper, that would scratch the hell out of the glass.

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