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  1. Canadacan

    Rare Vancouver BC Pepsi

    Just recently I was able to secure this 12oz green straight side Pepsi bottle! It was posted locally and I had my doubts it was authentic, or at least from around here, but it turned out all good! Initially I thought it was the same label as my Starlite from Saskatoon, but upon closer inspection...
  2. Canadacan

    Have you seen a USA bottle like this?

    I'm trying to confirm if this style bottle was used in the USA or if it was exclusively a Canadian design, or even used by any other Canadian firm. Thanks for any help.
  3. Canadacan

    Hires to Canada!

    I finally added a quart to my Hires line up! I don't think they are exceeding rare or anything like that, but just a little elusive! My example is from 1962 made by Consumers glass, it has the short ingredients list on the back. I'm also going to show @Moosecop 's example from Consumers, but his...
  4. Canadacan

    New look on here at AB!!!

    So what do you all think?.....do we still have our photos?....hey my avatar is messed up dudes!
  5. Canadacan

    7up Toronto 8 bubble and NDNR quart!

    I'm not in Ontario but have the conections that sometimes come in handy! It was awesome to get the message from my buddy 'mission accomplished'..lol. I'm not in possession of them yet but I'm just too excited to wait and wanted to share now. When I first saw the photo online my eyes went...
  6. Canadacan

    7up Rare Domion Bottling works.

    A friend of mine aquired this, lucky guy!!!...wish it was me! Anyways I've known for some time that Canada had paper label 7up's but never seen one, untill now! Forgive the quality of the photos, it's all I have to work with as my friend can't take photo's to save his life..lol. Fortunatly I...
  7. Canadacan

    Canadian Pepsi double dot ACL

    I just recently aquired this 1951 Pepsi ACL double dot!..I had only previously seen photos of them, and now I finally have one! It was looking pretty stained in the seller photos but I decided to take a chance..and good thing I did because it basically cleaned up to reveal an almost mint label...
  8. Canadacan

    Canada Dry NDNR 1967

    A couple of weekends ago I picked up this carton knowing I had to have it he because I'd never seen one before! But I also realized that I do not recall seeing an embossed stubby 10oz either, I have to wonder if Canada Dry just used a plain bottle with a paper label? As popular as this product...
  9. Canadacan

    Felix Beverages-Double AA

    Felix finds on Friday! This is a first generation Double A from Felix Bottlers Ltd. Vancouver B.C. It's dated 1939....and the name 'Double A' 'AA' was trademarked on 1940-02-16. This product was produced until at least the mid to late 50's. This is the first one I have seen other than a paper...
  10. Canadacan

    Nelson's Bottling Works. Ltd. Vancouver BC

    Nelson Bottling Works Ltd. Vancouver, B.C. This is a sign I got a few years ago, the story goes that the fella that had them (about 100 I was told) cut them to make two signs and sold them off, I was fortunate to get both pieces at the same time! Nelson's was started about 1930 and ended around...
  11. Canadacan

    Sprite! "Spring-a-Ling Spark-a-Ling"

    Well here's my Canadian Sprite carton all filled up!..I believe the product was introduced to Canada and the USA in 1961, most of my bottles in the carton are dated from 63-65. I figured I may as well do a family pic with the 1965 quart and the little 7oz...I can't be certain but it may be from...
  12. Canadacan

    A box of odds and ends, and a Pepsi doubble date code!

    Got a box of odds and ends today, but mostly common junk...lol So I ended up with a 58 Pepsi..that last year for that bottle style, a 53/54 double date code!, and I needed the 54 but never seen one with both years, btw I have the 1953 with just that year alone on it. And the second Pepsi...
  13. Canadacan

    Rumming's - Nanaimo B.C.

    Several weeks back I was on Vancouver island in one of the shops and ran across this version I had been after for ages, well I initially left it behind because it had a chip in the lip :( The next day I went back and grabbed it going against my instinct to not to buy!...lol, I guess I just could...
  14. Canadacan

    Super Stubby 16oz!

    Well I can finally check this bad boy off my wanted list!... 16oz was not a common size, this was also the last of the Stubby man ACL's...also note it's an updated version of him holding the Stubby sign. This bottle is dated 1961, and also came in a 7oz....I can only assume somewhere there is a...
  15. Canadacan

    A few new Orange Crush bottles!

    Had a nice meeting on Saturday! Well it was fantastic to get to meet Bevan today! We hung out at Ron's and chatted Crush for several hours, always so impressive to see his collection! Ron and I worked on Bevan and convinced him he needed some USA Crush in his collection...mission accomplished I...
  16. Canadacan

    Teem Canada!

    Last fall I got got the oportunity to make a road trip to pick up several soda signs, and this was one of them. Probably my best Teem piece!..dated 1962 Pictured is an early carton I got in the winter of 17/18 from an auction...it was in a wood crate but the bottom is shot, so it requires a...
  17. Canadacan

    O-C Brand by Orange Crush

    I just landed my first 12oz paper label O-C Pale Dry ginger ale bottle!...this is the only O-C label I've seen intact on a bottle and the first 12oz. So I figured I share some insight. O-C was Crush's flavor line which was probably introduced in the mid 1920's Some of the flavors were pale dry...
  18. Canadacan

    Lucky Strike Bottling Works Ltd. Vancouver B.C.

    I'm telling this story as best I can in honor of Bob Williamson the son of Bill Williamson co founder of Lucky Strike Bottling Works limited. Some of this information is from email correspondence with Bob, some of it is my research to fill in a few blanks, as with much research we often find...
  19. Canadacan

    Coke NDNR a new Canadian discovery!

    Well I've known for a long time the USA NDNR Coke has a bottle in the background on the main field front and back, I have one and it's a taller slender style dated 1966. Now I just aquired this Canadian one from a friend, it's dated 1966, he has one dated 1965. They are a tad shorter or stubby...
  20. Canadacan

    Zero Bottling Works, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    I finally added a 6.5 oz Zero to my collection!.. been waiting a long time for one this nice, so many are bruised and badly worn. I love the slender fluting of this art deco era bottle, and the embossed angled ZERO. There is no makers mark or date code but is marked Design Registered 1928. I...

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