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  1. photolith

    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    Just wondering what people’s contingency plans are. Me and my girlfriend have no plans on having children and even if we did I doubt they’d care about the bottles. I’m only 30 and don’t plan on dying anytime soon but I often wonder what will happen with my collection. I have well over 50k of...
  2. photolith

    Pittsburgh Area Diggers

    So, I recently became jobless due to the mega bottoming out of natural gas prices per barrel due to the over investment of drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shales here in PA, northern WV and eastern OH. Anyways, I really love history (as that is the primary reason I moved to Pittsburgh 7...
  3. photolith

    My Collection Photographed Individually

    I'm going to be going through my whole collection and photographing each bottle. I've got about 500 bottles or so to go through, so It's gonna take a while. First starting off with a Union Clasp Flask from the Civil War era. It's got an iron pontil on the bottom, which would date it to no later...
  4. photolith

    How to take modern paint off bottles

    So I was back home for Christmas and my mom had a bunch of my antique bottles painted. Is there a way to safely get the paint off, maybe a paint thinner of some sort. Im hoping the paint hasn’t damaged the glass.
  5. photolith

    Pontiled Labeled Poison from the 20s?

    Ive had this bottle forever, cant even remember where I got it from, think it was some flea market in Arkansas like ten years ago. Its always confused me, its pontiled but the glass doesn't look old like a pontil mid 1800s bottle should. Ive researched the druggist, George W. Schools Druggist...
  6. photolith

    Why Do You Collect Glass?

    So, I collect bottles because they're the most easily findable and or affordable pieces of American/world history that anyone can find. I first found a broken in half hutch in 2009 (in a creek and I knew it was something historic as Ive always been interest in history and knew that was no modern...
  7. photolith

    Honduras Tonic

    Just bought this bottle on eBay, got it for a sweet price, 35 bucks but shipping is insane now on eBay so it was freaking 47 bucks, prob the last time I buy on eBay but this was just such a nice looking bottle. Mainly just stick to digging and antique stores as each are like surprises as you...
  8. photolith

    Pittsburgh Heinz History Museum Bottles

    Went to the Heinz History Museum today to check out their bottle collection. Seeing as Pittsburgh major industry before Steel was glass, its a pretty important area for bottle collecting. I've got a lot of these bottles in my collection, but only about 5% of them. Untitled by photolitherland...
  9. photolith

    Cornucopia Flask Question

    I just got this flask at an antique store. How common is it to have the Eagle on one side? Most Ive seen have the fruit urn on both sides. Also, does anyone know where these were mainly made. I assume there's no way in telling where it came from. Also, I believe this one to date from around 1830...
  10. photolith

    Are these antique blown pitchers or retros?

    So, I was at an antique store today near Gettysburg. I know a lot about bottles, but little about blown glass pitchers and little info available online for them. I was going to buy them but wasn't quite sure if they were more modern examples or actual mid 1800s pitchers. The tallest is about 8...
  11. photolith

    Gettysburg Pitkin Flask, 1790's?

    Got this bottle today in Gettysburg, it looks like a Pitkin Flask from around 1810 or so, maybe ever 1790 or maybe 1830, who knows. Either way, its 1790-1830 I believe. However, it doesn't have a flat base so it cant site up like a normal Pitkin Flask. Anyone know what the technical name for...
  12. photolith

    Unopened Buffalo Lithia Water

    Found this in an antique store today in Pittsburgh. Ive dug a couple that have been broken, never found an intact one while digging. I've also never seen an unopened one before with some of the label still intact. Im guessing this is from about 1905 or so. Couldn't believe it when I saw it...
  13. photolith

    How to Reattach Paper Labels

    I've got about a dozen bottles from the 1890's to about 1905 that I found in a barn in Arkansas. Some of them were in their original boxes, but the labels have detached from a couple of them. What is the best way to reattach the labels without damaging them or the bottles. I am sure there is a...
  14. photolith

    What in the heck are these?

    The first two bottles I need help with I found out near Dyer, NV while doing some surveying for the USGS way out in the mountains at an abandoned mine in the middle of absolute nowhere in the mountains. I'm guessing they are opium bottles, hence the 'Standard Chinese' embossing. The second...
  15. photolith

    New To My Collection (been a long time)

    I used to belong to this forum, (as photolitherland, you can still search my finds on here as the Litherland collection (all burnt up and melted now)) has been about 11 years since I posted to here, as my bottle collection that I had dug for in Arkansas, Texas and New Orleans melted in a storage...

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