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    Water bubble inside bottle! Anyone ever seen this before?

    Could it have gotten in through an opening in the inside of the bottle? I would also have thought that the water would have been vaporized before it was able to get inside the glass. Definitely an interesting find regardless!
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    Cathedral pickle found at the thrift store

    This was one of the for-profit thrift stores, so I'm honestly not sure how that would even be possible.
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    What is this bottle?

    Wow I never would have expected it would have been available all the way down in Pennsylvania. Guess it was distributed a lot more widely than I thought.
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    Milk Glass-but what is it??

    Wow yeah that's an odd one indeed. Could we see a picture of the base? Never seen a milk glass soda before.
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    What is this bottle?

    Evangeline was a popular brand of soda in the Maritimes. I'm not sure how far it was distributed, I've found shards of one all the way in Ottawa though. The name refers to the poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, about an Acadian girl during the deportation of the Acadians.
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    What is it not sure.vintage mercury etched flask?

    Pretty hard to tell anything from that photo.
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    Need Help Identifying Bottle

    The labeled and embossed versions of these thin little ABM flasks I've seen have been for flavouring extracts.
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    Strange little machine made olive amber bottle

    That's an injection bottle. I don't think it's very old. Probably for farm animals, you aren't usually going to be injecting that much of anything into a human.
  9. C

    My buddy's broken criers from the river including a glassworks soda

    That's a shame about the tops on those two, still nice finds regardless in my opinion! I'd definitely be keeping those. Hopefully a sign that some intact ones are down there as well!
  10. C

    What would have been in this bottle?

    I'm pretty certain they're pectin bottles. Probably a Certo competitor.
  11. C

    A Bottle Digging Would You Rather

    It'd depend on the size of the dump for me. I've dug plenty of small 19th century farm dumps which are full of rocks, broken glass, and absolutely nothing else. I'd take a large 1930s dump over one of those. Especially one full of sodas, milks, and enamel signs. But otherwise I'd take the...
  12. C

    The remaining mysteries

    Oh I meant the picture labeled fifth bottle, I didn't read the labels and was just referring to their position in the posts.
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    finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches

    I like those Tab and Patio cans, never seen those before. The Maxwell post is odd, I wonder if it's a grave marker for someone's pet.
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    Female Brewers or bottlers.

    It's pretty unusual. I've only got a couple of bottles with women's names on them in my collection (not counting patent meds and that sort of thing). I only know of one female bottler in Ontario, and the only bottle I've ever seen from her is in my collection.
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    Finds in a $5 Box of Bottles

    That explanation makes total sense, I've done the same thing at flea markets when I just wanted to get rid of stuff. Though the stuff I just wanted to get rid of wasn't as nice as what you were pulling out of that box!
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    Help with this old bottle

    Your earlier photos show bottles that look like they're from around 1880-1910. Hard to know exactly without markings. I'm pretty sure Rex stands for something other than Rexall, I think it might have been a maker or distributor of pharmacy bottles. And no that's not a pontil, it's an Owens...
  17. C

    Finds in a $5 Box of Bottles

    Wow that's a steal! I haven't seen that sort of deal at a bottle show in years.
  18. C

    Lea & P? early bottle

    I think it's probably a pickle jar. Never seen that particular one before though.
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    why would a bottle have a rounded bottom,cannot stand on it's own

    I always found these crown top round bottoms to be weird, I can't imagine that the round bottom had any benefit to a crown top bottle unless it was stored for an extremely long amount of time. I'm guessing that by the early 20th century the round base form was just associated with ginger ale...
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    An unknown jar

    Yeah I don't buy this one either. The SS etching their insignia into a jar of fruit preserves? That just doesn't make sense to me. And I've never seen anything marked on one of those cardboard liners, since as Nhpharm says they would be hidden from view until the jar was opened and ready to...

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