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    Bottling on Oleatha Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri

    Nice! You left us hanging at the end with Squirt-Dr. Pepper Co. moving to the new Fyler Ave. location in 1965. Any idea what happened after that? Google says the building on Fyler today is now Handi-Craft Co., makers of Dr. Brown's baby bottles and accessories.
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    Zetz fountain bottle

    I would think late 30's, 40's due to the acl label.
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    Beers, I think?

    It's the Cleveland-Sandusky Brewing Company, from Cleveland, Ohio.
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    White Rose Lemon-Lime

    So Weide is actually alive and a real person, huh? I've tried emailing him a couple times in the past. He's never responded.
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    water bottle

    It is listed in the Ohio Bottle Book (2007) under the "Mineral Waters" section, and gives a value of $15-20. The book's prices sometimes can be way off the mark.
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    Finally found a good Privy.

    What a very generous offer from Mr. Mitcham (oldmapman). I sent you an email, Sir.
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    Documenting the 10oz diet 7up from Canada

    That red and white Crown bottle looks like a Dr. Wells copycat.
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    Strap Sided Flask

    I don't believe the label is a repro. Label is not original to the bottle, but not a repro. Bottle was probably reused.
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    Can you clean and Preserve Wooden Pop Crates?

    Never coat! I just hose them off (the filthy ones) and gently wipe off the dirt the hose didn't remove and it's never affected the paint. It also brings out the animal urine smell if any of them are tainted, and I throw them out. Nice pics, JKL.
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    Paper Label Hole-Punched Numbers

    Read this old thread: https://www.antique-bottles.net/showthread.php?676677-Schlitz-The-Beer-That-Made-Wisconsin-Famous
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    Bleach safe for ACL bottles?

    I wouldn't do it. I found some ACL milk bottles in an abandoned house attic. I put them in a tub of water with bleach added to sterilize and soak the disgusting urine/crap that was inside the bottles due to mice/rats using them for homes over the years. The ACL's disappeared. It really...
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    Coke bottle

    I'll guess that it may be as old as from the year 1862, or possibly newer, maybe from the year 2024? Not sure, there is no photo.
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    Donald Duck or popeye with music

    and here's "Popeye". The song on the back is "Bonnie".
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    Donald Duck or popeye with music

    Found one for Indiana.
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    Donald Duck or popeye with music

    I don't think that is Popeye, his clothing doesn't match up to any Popeye images I can find. Are you sure these are pieces of soda bottles? I'm guessing old drinking glasses or jelly jars.
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    Get Chummy With Rummy - History??

    Boy, a couple of those acl photos look very familiar for some reason (lol). If interested, here's the backside of the first Rummy acl you posted. Also a photo of the base embossing and another of the Glenshaw bottle date code on the lip of the bottle: Letter L for 1940.
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    WTS Eclectic Variety of Bottles on ebay

    He's mentioned in the past that he's not from the U.S., so his English is hard to follow.

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