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  1. emeyetee

    Look what I found

    All in the same pit
  2. emeyetee

    new ones

    Few keepers I found this week
  3. emeyetee


    identifying marbles; a daunting task
  4. emeyetee

    Found a few

    Check em out, I'm happy
  5. emeyetee

    Owens-illinois July, 1968 general line catalog

    Found this yesterday.
  6. emeyetee

    Found the devil in an abandoned church

    One of my other favorite hobbies, apart from digging and finding bottles is exploring the remnants of dilapitated buildings. This morning while exploring an abandoned church in the city I happened upon this bottle in the attic, how creepy.
  7. emeyetee

    Philadelphia Privy Prizes

    A couple weeks ago me and a buddy located a privy right smack in the middle of the ghetto. Yanked a few keepers and filled the hole back in before it got too dark. More to come, pretty sure there are at least 4 or 5 all in the same vicinity.
  8. emeyetee


    Found a perfectly preserved twitchell this morning. ..is this the correct thread for this post??
  9. emeyetee

    G.brandy English crock ? Can anyone drop some knowledge here?

    English I believe, but I can't find anything with the "g" part
  10. emeyetee

    very old ??ATLAS???

    hey there everyone, this is my very first post, and forum in general for that matter. thank you for any help on this subject. I have a bottle here with which I require help identifying. it was plucked from my locality of Philadelphia, burried 15' deep in a privy a year or so ago and I have yet...

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