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    Jar Mail

    Got this qt MASON today, it came with a Trademark SMSCo Always Reliable cap. Anyone know how to clean the letters ? Thx.
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    Picked up this nice pint.

    Slight amethyst with a little whittling . Does anyone have a metal lid for it ?
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    a variety of USA bottles for sale.

    I am posting these bottles for another seller. Contact me for details if interested.
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    Cryser Springs, Saratogo Springs , Thou Shalt Not Steal

    Just wondering if anyone has any info on this Saratoga, embossed ' Cryser Springs , Saratoga Springs , State of New York. Was it soda or mineral spring bottle? Any other info appreciated. Also looking for info on the 1st soda, embossed ' Thou Shall not Steal '. My apologies for the sideways...
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    Are these 22 insulators worth pursuing?

    Any opinions appreciated.
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    Are these classified as marbles ?

    Today I had a chance to buy these but before I do I would like the experts opinion on these two : Example , are they classifies as marbles , where made , year of manufacture and approximate value? The large one is about 2" in diameter , it is clear and has a white squirrel encased. The...
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    New Jar

    Has anyone ever seen this lid before? Canadian or USA made?
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    Jar Opener

    A fellow collector got this last night.
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    Ball Improved HG

    Is this a natural colour or did it receive a UV bath?
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    Need help to identify these lids.

    The clear rayed lid fits a midget pint. The other has the sun's rays with a diamond in the middle , qt size. Thanks . image.jpg (36.8 KB) image.jpg (62.2 KB) image.jpg (55.7 KB)
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    Adding Colour to my Collection!

    Mason Improved Pat'd Green pint with a matching lid, the lid is one that has just patented dates. I believe this one is # 148-1 but I don't see this green colour listed. Another one listed is # 1740 but this colour is not listed either. Any thoughts if this is an unlisted colour variant and what...
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    Porcelain Ginger Beer or Soda Stoppers

  13. D

    Sunset Spring Water Porcelain Stopper

  14. D


    A fellow collector showed me this. About 2' tall, pontiled, finished top, clear. Any info as to what it is, where manufactured, year etc would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. [attachment=image(EL).jpeg] [attachment=image(HB).jpeg] [attachment=image.jpeg]
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    Cobalt Blue Poison

    I was at another collectors house last week and saw this on his window. 1 ounce, tooled top, the seam does NOT go thru the top. I have an amethyst one that is similiar , I will post a pic. The amethyst is Canadian, perhaps made in Nova Scotia. Thoughts on the cobalt is appreciated. I saw another...
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    Got me 1st poison!

    Poison's generally don't show up in these parts but here is my 1st intact one. A 1ouncer with the cork still in it. A D in a triangle on the bottom, Dominion Glass Co. .. Word on the street is that they a common here in Canada, but a nice find for me. [attachment=image(RG).jpeg]...
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    Tin can or fruit jar lid ?

    I found this zinc lid on top of a rock pile I was digging yesterday. It measures 2 3/4 " across , it has no threads, only a ring indicating it would snap over a metal can or jar! No embossing. It is showing it's 100 + year age. Any thoughts if it is for a known jar or is the mate a metal can...
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    Are any of these marbles desirable?

    [attachment=image(GB).jpeg] [attachment=image(RZ).jpeg] [attachment=image.jpeg]
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    Got 2 unlisted jars

    Stanford's Market, Montreal , 12 ounce, clear, rayed bottom, the seam stops at the bottom of the threads so I presume the top is applied, no mention of this jar in my jar books. Sugars & Canners LTD , Montreal , an unlisted variation of RB 2759-3. Tall pint amethyst , bottom and 1" up from...
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    Message in a Bottle

    Interesting story ! To bad the bottle 'had' to be broken...another crier ? Probably machine made given the date ! http://www.cnn.com/2015/0...in-a-bottle/index.html

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