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  1. RelicRaker

    Creek walk marbles

    My gritty city creek is rocky and very tough on marbles. Here are today's finds.
  2. RelicRaker

    SF Simes —Philly Druggist

    A small local Rx with mortar & pestle graphic. SF Simes, 20th & Spruce Sts., Philada, Druggist. 1870s
  3. RelicRaker

    Connor & McQuaide squat

    Anyomne heard of Connor & McQuaide? Philly squat, c. 1880.
  4. RelicRaker

    Brown transferware bowl

    Almost all the ceramics I find at dig sites are broken beyond saving. But this was nearly whloe so I brought it home. No base mark.
  5. RelicRaker

    Kissingen Water

    Dug this today... 1870s (?), applied lip, embossed: Kissingen Water / T.H.D. / The Spa, Phila. Any info?
  6. RelicRaker

    R.H. Rose dairy—ever heard of 'em?

    Went creek walking after T.S. Isaias and found this rashed-up cream bottle. Slug plate reads: "RH ROSE" Google turned up pretty much zip on the dairy. Likely a PA or NJ dairy, given where I am. Any info appreciated. Here are some pics...
  7. RelicRaker

    Another Late 1800s Hole

    Spotted oysrter shels among some newly disturbed earth. Not much tim to explore today, but scratched out a few goodies .Bromo / Pitcher's Castoria / Hood's Sarsaparilla. Also grabbed a slick cone ink and a ceramic serving tray backmarked "Mercer Semi-Vitreous" (not pictured).
  8. RelicRaker

    Help dating an amber flask

    Okay guys, this is more of a "When is it?" and a "Who made it?" I dug this amber strapside today... ...and noticed the base scar. It seems to be made in a hinge mold. Is the X a maker's mark or just a scar? Also, the lip is very wonky and seems applied/tooled. Checked my other flasks and...
  9. RelicRaker

    Yellow Amber Strap Side Flask—How Rare Are These?

    I almost never find yellow-amber bottles intact. Pulled this strap side out of an ash pile today. Lots of bubbles. Mold scar (no pontil). Any clue as to the rarity of these? Base...
  10. RelicRaker

    Sowden & Bro. squat

    Dug this today. Embossed "Sowden & Bro. / Phila" in a square slug. Flat base. c. 1875(?) Not much mention of this bottler online. Any info helpful.
  11. RelicRaker

    Otto & Layer 'white beer'

    It's been slow on finds lately but did dig this Otto & Layer / Berlin White Beer / Philada (1874–82). Hope you guys are having luck out there.
  12. RelicRaker

    Surface Find: Embossed Blob

    This is why I keep my eyes alert for glass in modern trash piles. This turned up curbside. Script embossed: Tony Kayser / 1105 Locust St. / Philadelphia Kayser's name appears as a "liquor dealer" in various documents from the 1910s. I'm guessing this is from that period.
  13. RelicRaker

    Creek Find — Pepsi ACL

    My city creek is pretty trashy, so I was surprised to find this whole and with nearly all its paint intact.
  14. RelicRaker

    New Site—Philly, MA, & Import Bottles

    Hit a new location today. L: Moxie Nerve Food (Lowell, Mass) C: James Pagniol Olive Oil (Marseilles, France) R: Amber Wyeth & Bro Liquid Malt Extract (Philadelphia) Front: Cantrell & Cochrane ginger ale (Dublin & Belfast)
  15. RelicRaker

    Is this an early Campana's Italian Balm bottle?

    Walking lots after a soaking rain always turns up something. I know this one's common and machine made, but is there any way of dating the design styles of Campana's bottles over the decades? This one has an embossed recessed panel on one face only, a single-thread screw top, and no base mark...
  16. RelicRaker

    Local Rx: Zimmer's Pharmacy

    Recent vacant lot finds. Zimmer's Pharmacy (couldn't find anything on this one in Philly). Sadly the base has 2 heel cracks. Whitall Tatum base mark: WT & Co / Patent Jan 24 88 / USA
  17. RelicRaker

    Bisque doll head w/ back mark

    Found this Victorian era doll head the other day. Anyone know what the backmark means? All Google's been able to tell me is that it's German and dates betw 1860–1890. Any additional info welcome.
  18. RelicRaker

    "Smith & Co" Squat Soda/Beer

    New site coughed up a nice squat soda. Smith & Co / Philada. Large "M" on the reverse. Flat base, no pontil. I've found the pony-style Smiths but this has the longer neck and harder shoulder. Am hoping it's 1860s. What do you guys think?
  19. RelicRaker

    Age of Cobalt Eye Cup Found in Creek?

    Was doing some urban creek-walking and found this eye wash cup. Trying to determine an age... The base has the Maryland Glass Co "M" and a "5." So that puts it at 1921–1956, but was hoping to close that window a bit. The stemmed, 8-sided style has me hoping it might be earlier. Any of you...
  20. RelicRaker

    Cuticura - Weeks & Potter

    Found a large embossed panel bottle —"The Cuticura System of Curing Constitutional Humors" / "Originated by Weeks & Potter Co." 1880s.

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