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    Listed on the Bay 1876 Geo A Kelly Wholesale Druggists w/Bottles Product/Price Book

    Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you a link to the "Geo A. Kelly & Co, formerly B.A. Fahnestock & Co", Pittsburgh, PA. Wholesale Druggists Product Catalog, that I had wrote about in another thread! I had made a listing for this item in my store this morning, and will be offering it to the...
  2. K

    1876 Wholesale Druggists' Catalog by Geo. A. Kelly & Co/B.A. Fahnestock & Co

    Hi all, I wanted to share a recently found treasure with you, my fellow collectors, who I'm sure would appreciate the value and history combined in this unbelievably nice little 134 page booklet I acquired this past weekend! I didn't know where exactly to post this in the forum, as I am into a...

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