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    Mini cathedral jar

    This little fellow is only 3 1/4" tall.. 8 sides, 5 windows, inward rolled lip, gnarly pontil.. I'd love to learn more about it..
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    Amber emb strapside NYC

    Just adopted today, needs washed but it has a long crack up the left side.. was wondering if it's an everyday amber NY strapside or worth cleaning up? B. COURTNEY - 219-8th AVE - N. Y. ..half pint
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    Hazard & Hazard Cucumber Cream

    Hi folks.. I just picked this up, wondering if there are any interested parties.. measures just under 3" in diameter..
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    Look a pig!

  5. C


    $15 + frugal shipping for this lot.. first come, first serve..
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    Kissingen Water - Hanbury Smith

    Got this nice looking pint citrony Saratoga(?) yesterday.. anyone know where it's from and stuff?
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    Dr Wilson's Blood Renewer

    This came with a lot I bought yesterday, wondering if it's any good? Side panels say A ACHESON - NEW YORK ..smooth base..applied lip..
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    This delay after posting is getting on my wick

    Thank the almighty it isn't happening on ebay, that would be suicidally tragic.. but even here where time almost stands still, I just wanna see my stupid post get posted and get the hell outta there.. now I have time to clean the lint out from between my toes before moving on to other internet...
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    2 Philly bottles.. which one is worth more?

    ...the 1870's pony or the 1980's foamy?
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    Nice selection on the bay..!

    Check out this seller's listings.. saratogas, flasks, whimsey hats, western whiskies, etc.. http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?item=161018725632&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&_sop=10&hash=item257d76c500&_ssn=meantiques1&rt=nc
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    Looking for a new home, this 7 1/2" tall soda with a Baltimore loop top, says PAT 85 on the base.. some interior stain, no chips or cracks.. nice blue shade of aqua.. $20 includes shipping.
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    Coca Muscatel

    I was doing some cataloging and since the lighting was just right I took this shot of a bottle I think is kind of distinctive in shape. I don't recall ever seeing another, is this a rare bottle or am I just a goit?
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    I'm glad this place was here...

    ..back in 2008 when I decided it was time to educate myself about the boxes of bottles I had dug up over the years.. they had been in the attic for 12 years and I was having that 'diggin' 'em up all over again' feeling.. it was the first time I could use the internet to do research about...
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    The ebay snipe rush, like a bad drug..

    How many of you buyers ever felt like you were gonna pass out, your heart thumping at 300 bpm, trying to figure out exactly when to make your move.. you watch the minutes count down, cause you have long wanted one of these, and you know you won't see one again for who knows how long.. you check...
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    The alarm system is broke..

    I'm working on a flip house and this was headed for the dumpster, I said.. "hey, can I have that?" and they said yes.. It's an empty wall-mounted metal lock box, the dissected guts are next to it on the right.. [:)]
  16. C


    TMBG's.. ..remember Flood ? Lincoln? Apollo 18? ..mighty mights.. [:)] ..darkened corridors..
  17. C

    New guessing game.. why the heck not?

    ..actually it's in the Members Forum Auctions section, here's a link: LINK
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    Any card players out there?

    Here's a thing to do if you're bored: [:-] Whoever can tell us which two cards these are will win this squatty 1850ish black glass pontiled applied lip 3 piece mold with "PATENT" faintly embossed along the shoulder. You each get one guess, so guess with care... pay attention to the previous...
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    PT abuse..

    ...it was our last roll, dammit...
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    I bought a powerball ticket today..

    ..I almost never do this, but since it's actually worth the investment this time, I figured what the hay.. [;)] I was wondering what it would do to my bottle hobby if I won.. would I keep collecting or lose interest? Part of what makes collecting so enjoyable to me is the competition.. I'm...

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