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  1. M

    4 days of digging in downtown Toronto.

    Wow! Great job, congrats on your finds.
  2. M

    Orange snap bottle

    Good to know leon!
  3. M

    Orange snap bottle

    Thank you for the info! When i read the add it makes me want to have a drink of this stuff lol i love how its so descriptive and has a poetic ring to it. Thanks for sharing
  4. M

    Orange snap bottle

    Wow! 145$ u.s. maybe its a rare one? Thanks for sharing that, it does have alot of wear to it whereas mine is practicaly mint...im anxious to see if anyone else has some info.
  5. M

    Orange snap bottle

    Just picked this up yesterday i was surprised at the great condition it was in, couldnt believe there was no high point wear on the hobnail patern. I think this is a u.s. bottle, does anyone have any info? It only says patent pending on the bottom.
  6. M

    1870's/80's dump dig

    Wow! Great stuff and so fun to find it nice and shallow. Enjoy your digging!
  7. M

    Bought this today in DE. Bottom has a J on it and D.G.W. on it in big letters (so it could be WDG or GWD)

    Nice bottle! Ive been wondering what this same mark is on the bottom of this case gin.
  8. M

    6oz flirt bottle

    your right about the 48oz, i dont think there is a 40 i just have a tendency to call it a 40oz. Cheers!
  9. M

    Church Sale Find

    Its hard to tell the age but i will say it looks old and realy cool! I love that lip, on the last picture it looks like theres a muffin stuffed in the top as a cork lol. Nice piece!
  10. M

    Found by old house site

    Neat threads.
  11. M

    Odd closures are so AWESOME!!!!!

    Thats realy neat! Congrats on the addition, id love to see other odd closures you have.
  12. M

    Real or Repro?

    Im no expert but it seems legit to me, it looks awsome, the pontil, the embossing, the lip, if its a repro its a good one in my opinion. Like i said im no expert, im anxious to see what others have to say. Cool bottle either way.
  13. M

    Found it! Pegasus bottle!

    Very nice!
  14. M

    6oz flirt bottle

    Heres a new art deco bottle i got today. You dont see the small 6oz as much as the 40oz. I love the graphics on this bottle.
  15. M

    Lighting when taking pics of Embossed Bottles

    those are great pics! And awsome bottles too! When i take pictures i usualy walk around different rooms of my house or outside depending on the time of day and what the lighting is like to see what works best on any given day. Heres one i took in my car the other day that turned out pretty nice...
  16. M

    Does anyone know this guy??

    If you got screwed on ebay you should be re-embursed imediatly. All you have to do is report the sittuation to ebay and they take it into there hands and give you your money back. I have been screwed twice on ebay and both times i got my money back with ease. Good luck.
  17. M

    Hit the creek post-Sally today

    Awsome stuff! And in great shape too!
  18. M

    River walk finds

    This weekend i finaly went out to the local river that runs through my town to walk around and see what i could find. Ive always had a hunch there could be some stuff due to the history of the town and the old buildings that run along the river. Heres what i pulled out. First i found the little...
  19. M

    Miniature bottles

    Whisky flask, looks like its early machine made, maybe 1920's 30's?...

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