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    photography chemistry bottles

    Some E Anthony I used to have. I sold them though.
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    Keene Bottle Show

    Kool bottle. Never get tired of mine.Dr. Thomas Pinkham made his home in Bantam, Clermont County, Ohio. His father, Capt. Andrew Pinkham (1767-1840) was a prominent Nantucket whaleman before moving his family to the Ohio River Valley east of Cincinnati after the War of 1812. Thomas earned his...
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    A Pic

    A pic I took this year.
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    Whats up old guys???

    Hi old geezers! I'm still around. I rotate hobbies. On marbles and pottery at the moment.
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    Labeled Bottles

    Actually the blob between the Trojan and the Whiskey.
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    Labeled Bottles

    Nice. I like the Blob top.
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    Patent Whiskey Cylinder sizes

    Here are 3 different heights. I think they all hold the same amount of liquid though.
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    Winter Pic

    Thanks for looking.
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    Winter Pic

    Got a bit of snow and took this pic.
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    Labeled Murray & Landman Florida Water

    No problem, I just had to dig it out of the cabinet for a base pic. Feel free to doubt me I do mess up sometimes.
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    Labeled Murray & Landman Florida Water

    Became Murray & Lanman in 1835. The formula is 1808. The large bottle is probably 1850's.
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    Labelled veterinary meds

    Killer! You've been busy.
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    Labeled Murray & Landman Florida Water

    C'mon Andy I've been around too long to be thrown off like that. The small is a tooled lip variant dates in the 1895- 1915 range. The large is open pontil with a taper applied lip and here's the money shot.
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    Labeled Murray & Landman Florida Water

    Nice labels. I don't have any labels , but do have a large pontilled one.

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