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  1. dh1786

    Milk of magnesia covered in crap

    My dad has been using his skid steer to clean out some of the metal from the woods behind my farmhouse. Today it started pouring rain and he was coming in as I was headed out to check on him. He said “while we have the skid steer here let me lift you up in the bucket to the top of the old...
  2. dh1786

    unmarked amber putnam jar???

    I see a few examples of this unembossed pint jar floating around on the Internet… But having trouble finding history on Putnam besides Wikipedia. im only aware of the 227 repro.. the bail wire looks too good but has base seams. is this jar legitimate? any info would be much appreciated
  3. dh1786

    my new friends

    two new additions
  4. dh1786

    Not For Joe (woman on bike)Flask

    I would like to sell this but willing to trade for fruit jars/canning jars. looking for the following jars with original bands and inserts: amber atlas ez-seal tin lid for ball patn appld early 1900 ball olives or citron, amber beavers diamond glass half pint tudor rose midget amber...
  5. dh1786

    my only poisonous

  6. dh1786

    Authentic Buffalo Jar ??

    i am wondering if this is authentic. i see so many google images of the strong, straight embossing. real buffalo? any other info is much appreciated

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