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  1. Screwtop

    Lots of bottles for sale!

    A lion. It's in near mint condition, but there is a small chip on the lip. I bought it for $50, so I'd be glad to sell it for that.
  2. Screwtop

    Lots of bottles for sale!

    I need to off-load a lot of my bottles, so here are several that I want to sell. Either pick out which bottle you like and I could offer up a price, or you could offer up a price for it. I accept checks and paypal, or military collectibles as payment. More bottle coming soon.
  3. Screwtop

    Civil war opium bottle.

    I've been meaning to buy one of his bottles for a while now, but I keep using the money for others things from Gettysburg, etc. Great piece, I love the color!
  4. Screwtop

    Cook insulators.

    I've only ever found one, and I think it's more modern than what I'd like.
  5. Screwtop

    Cook insulators.

    Sweet finds!
  6. Screwtop

    New find

    You should try posting in the sodas category, not the site news.
  7. Screwtop

    Looking for collectors around Schuylkill County PA area

    Very nice bottles! I'm not too sure about value. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm trying to save money now, due to stupid Covid, I'd by them all up.
  8. Screwtop

    Musket balls and canister shot

    Canister balls are on of my favorite collectors items, because of the weight, size, power and horrific history behind them Excellent finds!
  9. Screwtop

    Anyone else collect this kind of stuff?

    I remember the first metal detecting adventure I went on, I found a horse shoe, but it was in a Union Amy campground. Worthless, common, but I still have it. I love it.
  10. Screwtop

    Anyone else collect this kind of stuff?

    Heck I keep anything. I even do it when I'm metal detecting, I'll find something old, but junk, and still keep it anyway. I'm a hoarder, lol! That blue insulator is wild, I've never seen one like that before.
  11. Screwtop

    Various Vicks Vaporubs

    I have one Vicks, which isn't a jar, but more like a small bottle. It came from a 20's dump. I'll have to find it.
  12. Screwtop

    Mini wine bottles?

    Every small liquor bottle I've seen were samples. There are many types of samples, in many styles, but I've never seen any like that before. I'm just going to go all out and say it was Ghost Pepper Sauce. :D
  13. Screwtop

    Pontil bottle

    The color seems off to me too. That color is often seen on modern repros and pier one imports stuff.
  14. Screwtop

    Freshlybout of the ground 15 mins ago

    My dad used to detect at dark because of work. I figured it was the same thing. :)
  15. Screwtop

    Freshlybout of the ground 15 mins ago

    Sweet! Why night dig?
  16. Screwtop

    Looking for collectors around Schuylkill County PA area

    It depends on the closure in that case...
  17. Screwtop

    Looking for collectors around Schuylkill County PA area

    I don't live there, but I travel up to Ashland every year, and have spent most of my life up there. My grandfather found many of the known bottles up there, so by all means, post away!
  18. Screwtop

    Wanna trade?

    Nope. I wish I dd though, I love the Savannah area of Georgia.
  19. Screwtop

    9 examples known!?

    You are the first person to have any info what so ever on these, and I thank you for that. I've been collecting bottles for several years now, and I've never seen that mark before, on any Lexington bottle, and I've seen many, many, many of those. I searched the internet for a long time, and...
  20. Screwtop

    Wanna trade?

    Very much so! I've been after those for a few years, never seen one before.

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