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  1. UncleBruce

    Orange snap bottle

    Possibly the greatest of understatements.
  2. UncleBruce


    It is interesting that they would continue to use a "ROUND BOTTOM" torpedo for a crown top. I guess they didn't trust that cork in the cap think it would dry out. Could have been easier to continue using this shape in lieu of change.
  3. UncleBruce

    Newbie needing help.

    That is a jug for vinegar. Originally it would have had a paper label indicating the contents. It is a machine made bottle and fairly modern. 1950's ish. It is interesting, but has little, if any monetary value. It does look like a MOONSHINER jug. Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
  4. UncleBruce

    Newbie needing help.

    Posting a photo of the jar would be the best way to get help here.
  5. UncleBruce

    Ed Pinaud bottle.

    This I believe is a perfume bottle. Perfume was really big business back in the day.
  6. UncleBruce

    Lets see some slug plates

    Continuing the theme... more slug plate molds. Today sharing some of my favorite style beer bottles, the squat style weiss beers (biers). Note that the fronts used the slug plate mold, while the back sides did not. In general these bottlers bottled beer brewed by other companies. The...
  7. UncleBruce

    Lets see some slug plates

    Not dumb at all. When a bottle is made it is made in a mold. If you will look at the photos that are being posted, around the embossing there is circular seam in the glass, which is from a removable plate in that half of the mold. This plate could be changed out for different companies. The...
  8. UncleBruce

    Need Help with Year

    These machine made embossed milks run from about 1910-1940s. You might check the newspapers of the area for possible ads and this would give dates of operation. A lot of family type dairies sold locally and didn't produce much advertising.
  9. UncleBruce

    Value anyone? Can't pinpoint.

    The TWO FULL GLASSES is not as common and as for ACL Pepsi bottles these are among my favorites.
  10. UncleBruce

    Schlitz Bottle

    I would estimate 1910-1920ish. Maybe late 1930s, but I don't think so. Maybe HEMIHAMPTON will weigh in on this one too.
  11. UncleBruce

    How old is this bottle please

    I'm not sure if I would clean it, as it looks pretty nice as it is. I would say definitely pre 1860s. Great lip finish, great pontil, it looks fairly large and undamaged. Thanks for sharing.
  12. UncleBruce

    Smallest Bottles You Own

    This is SEIPPS bottle is only about 5-1/2". Still corked and has contents.
  13. UncleBruce

    Age of 7Up bottles

    Not sure of value in the condition of these. Do a search for AMBER 7UP BOTTLE on feebay or farcebook or maybe even just a web search.
  14. UncleBruce

    Smallest Bottles You Own

    These are likely all pill bottles even the vial. The cobalt could be a poison, but it reminds me of a bromo type product for indigestion.
  15. UncleBruce

    Odd closures are so AWESOME!!!!!

    This oddball is an AMERICAN company using a GERMAN blob & closure design. Not sure what the closure was called, I just refer to it as a DRESDEN closure.
  16. UncleBruce


    Your post reminded me of this oddity showing that the glass companies did not let geography isolate them. Here is a NEBRASKA beer bottle FRED KRUG BR'G. CO. , made by STREATOR BOTTLE & GLASS CO (S B & G CO.) of ILLINOIS, using a GERMAN company DRESDEN (?) GLASS INDUSTRY blob top and stopper design.
  17. UncleBruce

    Age of 7Up bottles

    I have seen these and in my opinion they are the best 7UP bottles. There is a slender version also. Don't have my examples any longer or I would share it. Your bottles are missing the red, which happens, but they still look great.
  18. UncleBruce

    Odd closures are so AWESOME!!!!!

    I will do that someday Mjbottle
  19. UncleBruce


    That Painter boy was busier than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

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