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    H N Winter - druggist bottle

    A reference source which provides dates ranges is The Ontario Drug Store and Druggist List (1851 to 1930).
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    Ontario Pop/Soda Bottle Books

    I reprint occassionally, but only if I get a stock of back-orders to make it my worthwhile time-wise. If interested in copies of my books relating to Ontario's druggists, dairys/creameries, breweries and soda water works, please email me at glen phillips 67 gmail com
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    please email me at glenphillips67@gmail.com

    please email me at glenphillips67@gmail.com
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    H N Winter - druggist bottle

    Yes, Toronto. No, phone numbers aren't unusual on Canadian drugstore bottles.
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    Nice Cobalt E.B. SHUTTLEWORTH Chem bottle.

    Early 1900s. E.B. Shuttleworth was the first dean of and early instructor at the Ontario College of Pharmacy. His operation of the pharmacy didn't suit some board members, so the turfed him. He had his hands in many commercial pies, so the blow wasn't as bad as it seems. He moved into...
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    Antique Carbonator

    J.J. McLaughlin Ltd. had two divisions: 1) soda water/ginger ale manufacturing, 2) soda fountain manufacturing and jobbing soda fountain supplies, with the latter part of the business being the larger until Canada Dry started to really take off in the 1920s.
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    Howarth’s Carminative?

    From Howarth's drugstore in Toronto, early 1900s.
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    CC & CO. Toronto

    Carter, Cummings & Co., later removed to Windsor.
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    Khaki Label Beverages Limited

    Hmmm, just a few years before this company started, hundreds of thousands of Canadians were in khaki.
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    Lea & P? early bottle

    Lea's Pickling and Preserving Co., Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, circa 1905-1910 (see the circular semi-automatic machine valve mark on the base). Not connected with Lea & Perrins -- just a coincidence of names.
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    Cross & Co. Vancouver B.C. 1894-1963

    The problem with historical trademark registration in Canada is that the practice of "passing off" was covered under Canada's criminal code from the 1890s onward. Before that, the English common law essentially outlawed the practice. Passing off occurs when one party either uses another's...
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    Beaver on bottom of bottle

    Pelissier and Gobeil Soda Water Works, Winnipeg, early 1900s to 1910s.
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    Early Canadian paper label meds/poison

    That's a good haul you've got there. Any N.W.T. is prized (including by me, here in Calgary). David Wesley Bole was an interesting fellow who had a "bit-above-rags" to riches life story. He started as a retail druggist in small towns in Ontario during the 1870s. His movement from place to place...
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    J R Lee Druggist Toronto Ont Bottle

    Joseph R. Lee was in business for decades (1870s to 1910s) in Toronto. His store did one of the biggest prescription trades in the city for much of that time. His son, William H. Lee, was even more successful. As to Toronto drugstore bottles, thousands have been unearthed over the years...
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    Collingwood Ontario - Chemist and Druggist Bottle

    Carpenter also earned a good income from the leather business.
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    Barnyard find!

    There's definitely some digging going on in Winnipeg. Was there this summer and noticed that antique stores and malls had a good supply of recently dug bottles. The owner of one mall noted that her partner paddles along the Red River during the spring to locate riverside dumps.
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    found some new Ontario druggist bottles

    I find it interesting that declining sales are one reason the Strathroy mall is closing. I used to regularly check this mall's online postings and whenever I wanted something, I'd contact the mall operators about buying said items, shipping terms, etc. Out of around a dozen inquiries, I got one...
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    found some new Ontario druggist bottles

    Nicely done. Exactly the kind of thing I collect. In fact, I've got over 1,200 embossed Canadian drugstore bottles.
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    Canadian Label Catalogue - 1910

    Printers' sample books are amazing resources. The best ones I've ever seen were for another London, Ontario printing firm, the Wright Lithographing Co., Ltd. Back in the 1990s I was able to peruse their old sample books in the their archives. The most interesting things, to my mind, even though...
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    The Red Cross Drug Store - Brockville Ont druggist bottle

    Nice bottle! Druggists simply adopted "Red Cross" as an authoritative and familiar trade name for their pharmacies. There was no formal affiliation with the health organization. In fact, under the 1909 federal act to incorporate the Canadian Red Cross Society, the use of the term "Red Cross" by...

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