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    Bottle Identification

    Do we know what the small ampoules are though? also we have found a few poison bottles attached below and several others I will try to take pictures of. Any ideas on the poison bottles?
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    Bottle Identification

    I appreciate the reply cowseatmaize. Do you know the value of these WE-LI-KA bottles? Also I found these two types of ampoules this morning and they are all full of fluid The smaller ones on the left have a rod of some type suspended in the solution. I was curious if you or anyone else knew what...
  3. H

    Cobalt Blue Poison

    I have found two poison bottles in the past few weeks. One is a Sharpe & Dohme and blue in color and the other is the same shape but large and brown. Both are in the image attached. Any ideas?
  4. H

    Bottle Identification

    I have several bottles posted below that I am trying to identify. My great grandfather was a doctor and my great uncle was a pharmacist and we have just begun digging up where their burn piles or dump piles were. Any help or comments are greatly appreciated!!

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