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    Ethics of bottle collecting

    I'm just in this gig as a hobby. I make lotsa friends and have a good time. I'm not out looking for the shady deal or trying to rip everybody off but if I find a good bottle for dirt cheap, I am going to buy it!!! That is the way the antique deal works. I dig with friends and everthing is...
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    really big new york hutch!!!

    Well here is a hutch from OGDENSBURG N.Y. The brewer is J.E. BRIGGS. This is a bigg hutch with tons of character. The pics are bit crappie but I am still working on my new camera. I put a pic of it next to a tall blop beer to give you an idea of size. any info on rarity, price or were the hell...
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    Grass green coca- cola from Avon FLA.

    Yep!! I'm still in Hereford. I lived in house built in 1900 before and I moved one mile down the road to a house built in 1857. I say to hell with the new houses they are highly over priced junk. Why I still live in Herford?? Who would'nt want to live here?????
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    Grass green coca- cola from Avon FLA.

    I haven't been on here in a long time. You know new house and all the bull that goes with it. Also have a new camera and I am not very good at using it yet!! Any info would help and I was also wonderig were Avon Park Fla. was??
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    Grass green coca- cola from Avon FLA.

    Here is coke I got out of a collection. I was wondering if it was rare or desirable?? It reads, bottle Pat,d nov. 6,1923 / J. S. FRANCIS / AVON PARK FLA./ property of coca-cola bottling co. Avon park fla.
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    Here is the whole deal.....
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    Here is one I got, I like to call it Mississippi sunrise with a hint of watermelon......... Just kidding!!! I believe this is about as close to puce as I can get in my bottle collection. If I really knew what puce was it would help. I looked it up in the FUNK & WAGNALLS and it described it as...
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    I am not sure how to answer that???? Other than if I wasn't a bottle collector I would never even look at this forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    THIS IS A HOBBY AND FOR FUN, I GUESS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    BAM Auctions

    Wasn't very happy with the one bottle I bought off of BAM myself. It was cheap though and I didn't want to pay what a mint condition one was worth. The description was a play on words and I find that a little dishonest. I think the American bottle auctions is trying to start there own grading...
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    1925 Prohibition FULL Bourbon bottle Boone's Knoll

    Was wondering why it is worth $ 300+?? The bottle it self is common, so I guess it is the prohibition label that claims it is a medicine that makes it valuable??? The other question is that appears to be a tax stamp around the top. If it is did the goverment let it slide and tax it as a medicine...
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    How did you get your name?

    I weld to put food on the table and pay the bills. I dig /collect bottles to keep me from going insane!!!!!!
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    Interesting gift from my sister in law

    That's cool, where did she get them????
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    THanx Gunther!!!!!!!!

    Just want to thanx Gunther for providing us with his knowledge for free!!!!! they way I look at it, everybody knows something about something that I don't know. So, Thanx again and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL BOTTLE COLLECTORS!!!!!!!!!! This is a pic of my son, and he has showed me more than any...
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    window bottles

    Here is a pic of my old window bottles. Then I started adding up the cost of them bottles and if the shelf ever fell or one of my three boys did something, I would be very suicidle!!!!! So they went back in the display case and some lowered value stuff came out. Buzzkutt, I have had the same...
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    Very common bottle in a very uncommon color!!!

    Thanx madman, but name is not mike, and this was dug up north. actually it was dug in Bethlahem Pa. At least the guy that sold me the box, that it was in told me.
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    window bottles

    Was walking by my window bottles and decided to take a pic.
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    Very common bottle in a very uncommon color!!!

    Yes it is ABM and no I didn't dig it. It was in box of bottles I bought of some guy. There was some cool bed bug killer bottles with little tiny bugs on them. Some local tooled top pharamacy bottles, a triloids triangle poison, and a easy bright stove polish bottle that is kinda of an off color...
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    mountain dew question???

    I was wondering what the story is with the mountain dew. I read the collectors sites and understand the "bottle by" ones being collectible but $3000 for screw top party jug and 10 oz. paper label crown top selling for over a $1000. The reason I ask is I dug a bunch of the 10 oz. ND/NR ones that...

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