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    Caro-Cola Palmerton PA

    Here's a cool local bottle I just got at MY OWN yard sale. We have a yard sale every couple years and I always put out a few bottles. I always sell some of the bottles, but I'm really hoping to strike up a conversation with someone or, better yet, have someone offer me some bottles. This year a...
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    Monroe County PA milk bottles

    I have not had an opportunity to get on the site and post anything in quite a while, so I thought I'd make time to post up some pictures and information on my milk bottles from Monroe County, PA. I've been collecting bottles from the area for about 20 years now, and while I have amassed quite a...
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    Allentown/Lehigh Valley PA area

    I'm not really looking for digging partners, but I am looking for some places that I can send a new digger. My nephew lives in Emmaus and recently found a Horlacher's blob top on a friend's property. He's excited and wants to find more but the friend's family won't let him dig on the property...
  4. H

    Recently added a few new locals

    I picked up some good scarce local milks over the last few months. This Swiftwater Dairy quart is very scarce, but after 18 years of collecting I finally completed the three-size set! They're early bottles, all dated 1914. So far they're the earliest dated milk bottles I've seen from Monroe...
  5. H

    Error Embossing

    I've always loved seeing misspellings and other "typos" on bottles. It reinforces the fact that these things were made by real people who obviously had good and bad days. I've seen dozens of bottles with errors and I'm sure there are hundreds from around the country. These are bottles that are...
  6. H

    New Palmerton bottles!

    Today I added my first piece of stoneware. This jug is stenciled in blue CHARLES HORLACHER WHOLESALE LIQUOR DEALER PALMERTON, PA. There's quite a bit of grime on the outside. Does anyone know the best way to clean stoneware without damaging the glaze or the stenciling? Can you damage the glaze...
  7. H

    Another new local!

    I added this hutch a few weeks ago. This is the rarest Stroudsburg hutch that I know of. I heard about this one being dug and after two years of waiting and negotiating she's mine! Condition is really good for a dug bottle and it's pretty crude for a TOC hutch with several globs of extra glass...
  8. H

    Cool new blob top

    I've collected bottles from Stroudsburg, PA for almost 20 years now. It's been five or six years since I added a new blob top beer to my collection, and this one is awesome! I had heard if this bottle but had never seen one, so when I got this one last week I was blown away by the look and...
  9. H

    My Palmerton Area Milks

    I moved to Palmerton PA in 2006 and have been collecting the local bottles since then. These are the local milks I've amassed so far... Weidaw's Dairy
  10. H

    Saved some from the trashman!

    Yesterday I met up with a gentleman who had told me he had boxes and boxes of bottles his parents had dug in an area along the Delaware River that is now a national park before it was a national park. I got to his house around 10:00 and spent over four hours digging through two dozen big boxes...
  11. H

    Wow! I actually found an un-dug dump!

    I don't have much time to be on here posting, and even LESS time to get out digging, but last Saturday my schedule actually opened up enough to allow a couple hours of scouting and scratching. I was out looking for about an hour when I spotted some shards and a couple clam shells. I looked...
  12. H

    Anyone familiar with this bottle?

    My wife's friend asked me to find out "some information" on a bottle she has. She doesn't collect bottles. She kept this from an ex or something like that. I assume she wants to know if it is valuable. It's a 10-sided aqua cure embossed "KENDALL'S SPAVIN CURE / FOR HUMAN FLESH" on two panels...
  13. H

    Nice new Hutch

    I've actually had one of these in my collection for about fifteen years, but the one I had is badly damaged. This is only the second I've seen since I started collecting. It has a minor chip inside the lip but it's a great upgrade from the one I had!
  14. H

    Lovely locals!

    I've finally gotten most of my collection up on shelves in my garage AND I recently got a new camera! Here's the bulk of my local collection these are all from Monroe County and southeast Carbon County, Pa. I've got some really good ones in there!
  15. H

    I didn't dig them, but...

    I ended up with them. I was contacted by some good folks who are cleaning out their father's old farmhouse about some boxes of bottles they found. They offered to let me look through them to see if there were any I might want to buy. They pulled out several boxes of bottles they said their...
  16. H

    Forney's Dairy Palmyra Pa pint milk

    Is anyone out there familiar with this dairy? I was recently given this bottle. I don't know anything about it and Palmyra is way outside my collecting area. Is it worth keeping or is it destined for the recycling bin?
  17. H

    Smithton, Pa hutch

    Is anyone familiar with bottles from Smithton? I recently found a nice hutch from the Smithton Bottling House at an antique store. I like the look of the bottle...but I think the asking price of $60 is high. I don't know Smithton bottles, so if anyone out there could give me some insight I'd...
  18. H

    MILK BOTTLES wanted!

    A couple recent posts about milk bottles reminded me that I should put a list on here to see if any members have these bottles available: Sunnyside Farm, H. Dennis & Son, Stroudsburg, Pa Fetherman & Fabel Co., Stroudsburg, Pa Fellencer's Dairy, Edwin Fellencer, Stroudsburg, Pa (embossed...
  19. H

    Possible Maine brewer?

    Not sure where to post this so I'll throw it in here... I know there are a few Maine collectors on this site, so I hope someone can help me out. Has anyone ever heard of a bottle from Webster, Maine, with the name "Burt" on it? John Burt was a prominent brewer from one of the towns I collect...
  20. H

    bottle safety

    Does anyone have a good method of securing bottles on shelves so they can't fall off? My wife recently told me to gather up all the bottles I had "displayed" around the house and put them on shelves in the garage. They look great, but the shelves themselves aren't the greatest. Until I can build...

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