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    really big new york hutch!!!

    Well here is a hutch from OGDENSBURG N.Y. The brewer is J.E. BRIGGS. This is a bigg hutch with tons of character. The pics are bit crappie but I am still working on my new camera. I put a pic of it next to a tall blop beer to give you an idea of size. any info on rarity, price or were the hell...
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    Grass green coca- cola from Avon FLA.

    Here is coke I got out of a collection. I was wondering if it was rare or desirable?? It reads, bottle Pat,d nov. 6,1923 / J. S. FRANCIS / AVON PARK FLA./ property of coca-cola bottling co. Avon park fla.
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    THIS IS A HOBBY AND FOR FUN, I GUESS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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    THanx Gunther!!!!!!!!

    Just want to thanx Gunther for providing us with his knowledge for free!!!!! they way I look at it, everybody knows something about something that I don't know. So, Thanx again and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL BOTTLE COLLECTORS!!!!!!!!!! This is a pic of my son, and he has showed me more than any...
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    window bottles

    Was walking by my window bottles and decided to take a pic.
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    mountain dew question???

    I was wondering what the story is with the mountain dew. I read the collectors sites and understand the "bottle by" ones being collectible but $3000 for screw top party jug and 10 oz. paper label crown top selling for over a $1000. The reason I ask is I dug a bunch of the 10 oz. ND/NR ones that...
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    A soda for you Jersey folks,

    Well I picked this up recently and I was wondering if Mt. holly is considered south Jersey? I have alot of people ask me for south Jersey blobs but I only know maybe three south Jersey towns. Also if this is good one or just a common beer for Jersey. Really any info would be cool!!!!
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    Very common bottle in a very uncommon color!!!

    I know you can't give these things away at a stove polish convention but I have nevr seen one in this color before. So I am going to consider it somewhat rare. It is a dark green at the bottom fading to a light apple green at the top. just wondering if any body has seen one in this color before...
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    question about concrete??

    I,ve dug two pits now that were concrete lined down to about three or four foot and then I hit a concrete slab. Both I stopped at the slab thinking they were too new. After reading Baltbottles new digs I was wondering if this is what he is talking about when he talks of concrete. So, should I go...
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    fruit jar lid

    I dug this lid the other day was wondering if anybody knows what jar it is for or the rarity of it, I think it is fruit jar lid????????
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    Very strange pickle? or dairy bottle!!

    Well, I went out to a dump after work for about one hour before it got to dark I found this bottle. It is embossed Bunte with CHICAGO in the banner. It stands 7.5'' tall & is 2.25'' in dia.. The top reminds me of the t. o. c. pickles. The coolest thing is there are spots on the inside where the...
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    I was wondering if any can tell me what this is ?? I know it falls into the insulater or power piece catagory but I couldn't tell what it was used for or when it was made. It stands 5 1/2" tall and 3 1/2" in dia. and wieghs about two lbs. Oh yeh, if you know what the embossing of the keystone is...
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    coffin shaped pills!!!

    http://www.rtam.com/glassworks_catalog/cgi-bin/SHOWITEM.CGI I don't collect poisons but I've never really seen a full one and to boot the pills are shaped like coffins?? Do you think this was because they thought maybe somebody that could'nt read the label, could'nt figure out why this bottle...
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    blue balls

    Here is some lighting rod balls and a rod I got off the roof of house being torn down just the other week.There was another rod but it was destroyed. The white one with the rod is off the house I live in.
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    Pennslvania coal region soda

    http://cgi.ebay.com/TROY-PA-R-W-BUDD-BRADFORD-Co-Nice-rare-Penn-soda_W0QQitemZ110294545702QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item110294545702&_trkparms=39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A10%7C240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14Well, I was wondering what this would do on e-bay so I listed it!
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    Okay maybe I was in the wrong forum?????

    I posted some snuff bottles in the collectors chat forum and didn't get any response. So maybe I am posting in the wrong forum? Anyhow here are some cool bottles that I knowing nothing about. Any info would help!!! At least let me know that they are snuff bottles and I'm not looking like a...
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    I have come across some snuff bottles and really can't find any good info on them. Here is pic of one of the cooler ones. Any info on this or were to find info on snuff bottles themselves would help. I checked e-bay but I believe there is a lot of misleading junk on there. thanx
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    been out of the forum loop for awhile!!!

    Well i haven't posted in long time. You know work, kids, love, and money!! Any way thought I would post some pics of things I have gotten. The Drakes is the best one. Check out the golden yellow color and to top that there is dark amber swirls all over it, I think it's love!!!!! The rest is...
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    small hutch in cornflower blue?????

    Picked up this hutch at a local antique shop. It is embossed E. GENTSH / BUFFALO / N.Y. I'm not much of a hutch collector but the color was really cool! I believe this is what they call corn flower blue. It is deffinatly not in the aqua spectrum. Well I took about a million pics because I...
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    Just posted in the collectors chat and had a hankirin' to put a pic up. This is something I found on one of my three digs this summer!~!! That number of digs really sucks!!!!! Any way I think it is a step to a wagon or buggy but I really don't know? Sorry about the pics!!!

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