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    Duraglass brown bottle

    That is very cool Thankyou
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    Duraglass brown bottle

    Thank you
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    Duraglass brown bottle

    Thank you so much all for your expertise.. We are confused because of info we are finding on the web.... we learned that the number on the left was the plant .and the number on the right was refrencing a year..
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    Duraglass brown bottle

    Thank you so cool ..What do you think the number on right 7. mean could it mean 1937?
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    Duraglass brown bottle

    Hi yall, We found another bottle in a wooded area . Duraglass brown bottle. im confused on the second number which i think is the year. Also we noticed it was unique as far as the top part of bottle. Any info would be fantastic.. Thank you and have a great day
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    Bottles found metal detecting

    Hi Thank you so much for your feed back . We love the history of the bottles that we have found so far and not so much on making money.. I cant wait though until we find a really old bottle.. So glad we found this informative site..
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    Bottles found metal detecting

    Hello we are new to this site and excited we found it. We love to metal detect and recently found a old moon shine site all over grown in the woods. Hundreds of bottles buried.. We are new with bottle finds. We grabbed a few and plan to go back before t he snakes come out here in north...

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