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    Digging a stone lined privy

    There is a small town about 15 miles away that has never been dug. There were a number of Druggists in that town and would love to find a drugstore bottle for that particular town. It was founded in 1869 so it's plenty old enough. Driving through the small town I noticed this limestone 2...
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    Dose Glasses

    I know they are very rare but has anyone on here ever found any Druggist dose glasses in an outhouse. I dig a lot of outhouses in a particular town in Kansas and I know of 4 dose glasses from that town. I've dug there for around 5 years and still haven't found even a broken piece of one in an...
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    Horton, Kansas drugstore bottles

    I have been digging outhouses in Horton, Kansas for about 5 years now. I have quite the collection of Horton, Kansas drug store bottles, sodas and even a dose glass. I know of three other dose glasses that do exist that I can not come across anywhere. I know they are out there somewhere. I am...
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    WTB Looking for horton, kansas bottles / dose glasses

    I have been digging outhouses in Horton, Kansas for about 5 years now. I have quite the collection of Horton, Kansas drug store bottles, sodas and even a dose glass. I know of three other dose glasses that do exist that I can not come across anywhere. I am interested in any of this from Horton...
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    Digging a Cistern

    I'm thinking about digging cistern and wanted people's opinions on digging one. The house that use to be there was on the 1889 map. Not sure when they got the water system for the town but have you all add good luck digging cisterns? Just curious. Thanks!!!
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    Question on my Pontiled bottle

    I recently bought this bottle and was wondering if anyone had seen any other Pontiled bottle like this one. It is 10 inches tall. Also, an approximate age would be helpful as well. Is it rare??? Thanks for everyone's help.
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    S.O. Himoe Lawrence bottle

    Here is my newest addition to my Lawrence Kansas bottle collection. This particular druggist was Dr. S.O. Himoe. S.O. Himoe was in business in Lawrence for one year, 1879. Very rare bottle. If anyone has any Lawrence Kansas drug store bottles they would like to sell please message me.
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    My Horton Kansas Collection

    I do a lot of digging in Horton Kansas, a small 1880-1890s town here in NE Kansas. Over the years I've found some really nice drug store bottles and manage to get some of the different sizes of each as well. Here is a picture of my Horton Kansas display.
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    I am ALWAYS looking for Lawrence Kansas drug store bottles and had some good trading material for this big 16oz drug store from Lawrence!! Just got this one this weekend. Anyone have any Lawrence bottles please let me know!!
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    B.W. Woodward Lawrence, Kans.

    Here is my new addition to my Lawrence Kansas drug store bottles. One of my favorite of my Lawrence collection. Anyone have any Lawrence Kansas drug store bottles I am interested.
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    Wanted: Lawrence, kansas drug store bottles

    I am always looking for ANY Lawrence, Kansas drug store bottles. If anyone has ANY please message me. I will pay a very fair price for certain ones I don't have. Here is my email... flint_illustrator@yahoo.com Thanks!! Kenny
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    Looking for glass syringes pre 1900

    I come across these from time to time digging outhouses. I have accumulated a small collection of these and am trying to locate more if anyone has any for sale. I couldn't imagine they have much value but am trying to come up with a big group of them so I can do a back lite display of them. If...
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    Selling my group of picture drug stores!

    Looking to upgrade the motor on my boad I take on the river and these are for sale. Id like to sell the set as one. This is a set that should not be broken up if at all possable. Email me if interested.. flint_illustrator@yahoo.com Thanks!!
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    Looking for flower embossed drug stores

    I have a collection of drug store bottles with a flower embossed on them. I pick these up when ever I see them. I have been looking everywhere for more. If anyone has any they want to part with, please message me or email me at.... flint_illustrator@yahoo.com I have attached a photo of my...
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    Lawrence kansas drug store bottle

    I recently bought this beautiful Lawrence Kansas B.W. WOODWARD drug store bottle and thought I'd share it with everyone. This is one of my favorites in my Kansas drug store bottle collection. Enjoy
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    Looking to buy millville rounds, kansas drug stores!

    Hello friends, I'm a collector of Kansas drug store bottles but have been also a collector in a certain drug store bottle type called the "Millville Round". For those of you who do not know what style that is I have attached a picture of some of my Millvilles and a picture of what one looks...
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    Hutchison Kansas bottle show finds

    Just got back from the Hutchison Kansas bottle show and picked up some fine examples for my collection. I found me an Amber Millville round, a teal picture drug store from Omaha Neb. and a monster 8oz dark teal A.D. Foster Council Bluffs Iowa drug store bottle. This thing is awesome! Happy with...
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    My Rose Embossed bottles

    I recently bought this collection of rose bottles from a collector that has been putting this collection together for 15 years. I had the chance to buy the whole collection so I did. When I got them in the mail I was very happy! All were clean and in very good condition. So I went ahead and...
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    Looking For Emobssed Roses

    I recently bought a collection of drug store bottles and they all have roses embossed on the front. Im looking to add to this collection and if anyone has any for sale, Id be interested. If there is slight damage, small lip chips, Im fine with that. I have also attached a picture of two in the...
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    Need help with info on a N.Y. bottle

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a group of bottles from a guy I dig with in Atchison KS. He found this one in Atchison and I ended up with it. Was wondering if anyone knows anything about this bottle. If its a rare bottle or common. It is a pretty attractive color. It stands 7" tall. Thanks...

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