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  1. adam.w.brymer

    Cleveland, OH bottle hunting

    Any suggestions on areas to find old bottles in Cleveland OH? Thanks Adam Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  2. adam.w.brymer


    I was surprised this morning to find my first Glyco-heroin Martin H. Smith Chemists Co. New York. I also found a Carter's ink and a Mellin's Food free sample bottle. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  3. adam.w.brymer

    World War II canteen and hobblescirts

    This weekend I was able to find my first WW II canteen and a few more hobblescirts for my collection. I'm not sure what the S.M. Co. stands for. I'm guessing it was the manufacturer. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  4. adam.w.brymer

    Whithall Tatum company bottle

    I found this cobalt blue bottle yesterday. It has wt co on the base. I am assuming it was made by whithall Tatum company between 1901 and the 1920's. My best guess is it contained some type of medicine. Any info would be appreciated! Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  5. adam.w.brymer

    Lazell's perfume new york

    I was able to get out yesterday and found a Lazell's perfume New York. This makes my third perfume bottle for my collection. I wasn't able to find much information online. Any info on my perfume collection would be greatly appreciated. The one in the middle has a hummingbird and dragonfly...
  6. adam.w.brymer

    Hemingray question

    I recently found this no. 40 hemingray that has a number 4 on the top. Does anyone know what the 4 represents? Is it the glass makers mark? Thanks Adam Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  7. adam.w.brymer

    Garage sale find

    I found these bottles at a garage sale today. Looks like most of them are from the 1940's and a couple Coca colas from the 1930's. Can anyone suggest how to reapply a paper label on a beer bottle? Also, how to clean a paper label? Looks like they have some mold. Thanks Sent from my...
  8. adam.w.brymer

    hood's sarsaparilla apothecaries bottle

    Yesterday i dug up a Hood's sarsaparilla apothecaries bottle. Did some research online and they appear to be pretty common. It sure does have some nice character and it got me excited. Adam Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  9. adam.w.brymer

    Sick glass

    So I went to the antique road show last weekend and I brought a few bottles. They didn't really tell me anything I didn't already know. However, they did note a couple of bottles that had hazing, which they called sick glass. Supposedly it is when the glass starts breaking down because of age...
  10. adam.w.brymer

    Berry bottle

    I found this berry bottle many years ago and have always wondered it's age. I found some info on a similar bottle claiming to be from the 1860's with a different lip. http://m.ebay.com/itm/201846605497 Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  11. adam.w.brymer

    Trash or treasure?

    My grandmother had this glassware in the shed for many years and now I need to know if I should just throw it in the trash. Any help would be appreciated! Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  12. adam.w.brymer

    Crock bottle

    Found an unmarked crock bottle this morning. Ginger beer or ale? Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  13. adam.w.brymer

    Today's bottle dig

    My brother and I dug these bottles today. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
  14. adam.w.brymer

    Unknown pontil bottle

    Can anyone help me identify this bottle? I found it on the east coast of Florida. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk

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