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    Thank You Roger!!

    Kudos Roger, I know you've put a lot of overtime into this, way more than should be expected of anyone.It's not only coming together but preseved the old stuff and that's the hard part.I just fealt that needed to be said if it's not been said already, say it again.Can't say it enough really.
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    Be careful when morphing pictures with ebay.

    I had one buyer that thought they were getting two spoons when I stated it was one and used words like "it, a an this" etc. But they looked at the picture and didn't see it's a front and back view. I also had a bottle that clearly stated more than once that the bottle was aqua and the picture...
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    Check out this SICK Davis OP...

    but note the very little residue inside, can you tell? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=130264198442&indexURL=3#ebayphotohosting
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    American Bottles & Flasks book

    I tried to donate when I signed up again but I guess it didn't take sooo. Roger, can you make sure this goes to you although I don't know how it works? This all goes to the forum. The book you know, the condition you will soon, read on. Condition is poor. It's ex librarary and the front...

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