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    Found a Man's Size and Gold Dot this weekend

    The Man's Size was bottled in Athens, Alabama and the Gold Dot is from Dalton, Georgia. I had never seen either of them before.
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    Is this old brown Coke bottle worth anything?

    Someone gave it to my Mom because I collect bottles. I have always stayed away from Coke bottles though so I don't know much about them. She lives in Fayetteville, TN and it has FAY on the bottom.
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    Paper labels on squat Amber 7up bottle

    I found a bunch of these a while back and almost didn't get them because I thought the label was fake. I knew the bottles were real though. Are these kind of labels fake and is it still a good deal to get them? I paid $10 a piece.
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    8 bubble 7up with ribbed neck

    I found this bottle yesterday for $5. Is it one of the more rare 7 up bottles? I knew to look for one with 8 bubbles. The paint is pretty nice all way around.
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    Any info on this P E &T co. bottle?

    I don't know anything about this bottle.
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    Green 7oz Piffs bottle

    I couldn't find anything on this bottle. I saw a few other Piffs bottles but they were different. Anyone have any idea if it held soda or water? Think it might be from the 40's?
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    Biere Larue bottle from Vietnam

    I got this bottle last month in Vietnam. I was at a little stand where a man had lots of Vietnam War era stuff. He had two bottles, I wish I had got both. My daughter in law, who is native to Ho Chi Minh City kept telling me it was garbage he picked up and tried to talk me out of it. I knew it...

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