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    Todays dig!

    I found a few bottle !
  2. G

    I dug under tailings

    I wanted to see if they missed anything well they missed a few things
  3. G

    Humid day bottle digging!

    This all I found bottle digging.
  4. G

    A slow dig!

    I found a few bottles
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    A slow dig

    I dug two deep holes this all I found!
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    Slim picking at the dump!

    ​I found only few bottles at this place!
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    Short dig

    I found a few bottles nothing to great!
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    Did take much!

    I was with someone dig we hit shallow 1920 dump for fun at the end of the !
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    Test spot?

    I found a very interesting bottle a ground ponitl named DR FOORD 'S TONIC& ANODYNE CORDIAL W.B HENRY & CO. NY . I can find very little info bottle and value on it thankyou.
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    Sheet metal dump!

    This dump was a ravine dump load modern trash on top and four feet thick of sheet metal pieces a hell dump. I could have taken ton of bottle but didnt all took was a big bromo a hair tonic and nice three piece mold amber whiskey bottle and soap dish that can be still reused!
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    Short dig

    I found a few med bottles for a short dig!
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    Sunday Dig !

    I went out sunday found few bottles and turtle ink!
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    Last dig of the year

    I didn't find much had fun!
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    move picsI

    Sorry wrong forum!
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    Today finds

    I found mix group bottles and odd pontil thing!
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    Todays dig!

    I found a few bottles today some 1890 most 1900!
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    Today dig!

    I went diging for a hour found nothing great!
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    Today dig!

    I found a few bottles and had fun!
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    Rain dig!

    I found a few bottkes todaya!
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    Today dig! in the right forum!

    Here today dig nothing great had fun!

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