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  1. embe

    Some Canadian soda ACL’s

    15 thousand bottles?
  2. embe

    1890's E.R.Durkee Challenge Celery Salt (unopened).

    I would have been in to it already, lol
  3. embe

    Went shopping on Black Friday and found two very old, yet surprisingly inexpensive bottles. Need help with narrowing down their date range

    Have a similar one with similar question posted here: https://www.antique-bottles.net/threads/green-rum-bottle-with-embossed-k-on-bottom.690612/#post-718559
  4. embe

    Talk about heart BREAK. now I need someone to repair it

    Other than a bottle collector, most average people seeing it on a shelf wouldn't even realize it was broken (don't know what category you'd fall into). It certainly doesn't look like a jagged break like most do. If you do decide to repair/sell, just make sure to disclose that it's been worked...
  5. embe

    New Hutch's Added.

    I like the Traverse City one, and the way they were able to fit so much on the Copper City one.,
  6. embe

    Some Canadian soda ACL’s

    Like how you grouped them by color. Only one in my meager collection is the big 4 line. I particularely like the Kitchener Beverages
  7. embe

    Iron Pontilled Squats!!!!!!

  8. embe

    The earliest "Glass Cans"/"Handys"

    Might be from an ashtray or lighter? Akro Agate Co.?
  9. embe

    Lucky Strike-Mission Orange crate and more

    I remember getting jugs of milk and comics from Mac's when I was a lot younger. Any date code on the bottom of that bottle?
  10. embe


    The burst bubble should have been in the sellers pics and/or description. Could have happened at the factory or ~100 years later, who knows
  11. embe

    Lucky Permissions!!!!

    Sounds promising, have fun
  12. embe

    Vulcanized rubber coke crate

    The pattern would support 24 bottles. Odd way of doing it, but I like the way it makes sense. A mold, and the equipment needed, to make this... would have been pretty expensive, so unless the mold broke early (It does happen), there probably would be a lot more around. Welcome to the site BTW.
  13. embe

    Lucky Strike-Mission Orange crate and more

    If there's a cat on it, probably Mac's Milk and one of their earlier logo's.
  14. embe

    Minerals in water

    With some "grit" and agitation it would be more likely.
  15. embe


    Speaking of Crown, are these crates desirable? I messaged the seller and didn't hear back. Wondered if it was worth pursuing further
  16. embe

    Mug-based Hutch Found!

    Nice, haven't seen that type of base before. No idea. How to pronounce that name
  17. embe

    My first dig this weekend.

    The Pepsi looks older than the 50-60's stuff I have, someone will surely chime in based on the pat # . I'd guess a couple decades prior based on glass thickness alone. Nice bottles.
  18. embe

    Cocker Spaniel Sulfide

    Ha, missed your comments between the pics. So the sulphide (sulfide) is pretty delicate compared to the glass and will probably turn to powder before you get it out. I've got one on my mantle beside a picture of my old dog. not much better condition but fitting nonetheless. And I would...

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