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  1. RCO

    10 oz amber orange crush bottle found at thrift store

    also found this bottle at the thrift store when I picked up the milk jug posted in another thread . when I first saw it , noticed the acl appeared really dirty but mostly still there , you can see that I tried to clean it up a bit but left a little damage on bottom . its a 10 oz bottle made by...
  2. RCO

    Bracebridge Dairy mini acl milk jug found at thrift store

    found this at a local thrift store , they had a silent auction and 1 lot featured some bottles however no one bid and I noticed them for sale individually . I originally disregarded this bottle as a plain mini mlik jug but on closer observation I realised the acl had faded and it was in fact a...
  3. RCO

    end of the line for Tab

    End of the line for once iconic Tab, Coca-Cola decides Author of the article: Postmedia News Publishing date: Oct 19, 2020 • Last Updated 6 hours ago • 1 minute read Coca-Cola is canning Tab, the company’s first diet drink launched in 1963 because it has lost its fizzle amid a shrinking...
  4. RCO

    National Fruit co ltd - art deco soda bottle

    found this at an antique mall the other day , if you've seen my posts you know that I'm interested in this style of bottle and have several others in the exact same design . all of which are from Ontario , some are fairly common to find here but a few are more scarce . but I hadn't ever seen...
  5. RCO

    surprise find in the woods -7 up 12 oz flat top can

    I figure this can is worthy of its own thread , found it the other day , was poking around a wooded area I've been to many times before . was a small area of rusted oil /food cans and such , saw something partly visible under some leaves and though it might be a can . was shocked to see it was a...
  6. RCO

    found a 60's era Fresca 10 oz bottle

    posted this to the can thread but wanted to share some updated pictures of it , found it the other day along a busy roadway . its base was broken but I managed to glue it back together and it seems ok . know its not a rare bottle but one I hadn't found before in the wild , at least not a...
  7. RCO

    finding more soda cans and some bottles fall searches

    swim season seems to be mostly over here as temperatures have dropped in recent days , did some poking around parks and in the woods in recent days and found some items this lot I found in a busy highway roadside park , a lot of bush and trees to hide things - clearly Canadian alpine fruit...
  8. RCO

    Arizona Iced Tea glass embossed bottle

    found this the other day along a busy roadway here , it was just lying there is some grass . know its not that old but has a neat look to it and I don't think Arizona iced eta has used this bottle for some time . actually a fair bit of embossing on it for a modern bottle " original brand...
  9. RCO

    Ashgrove Dairy - Bracebridge Ontario milk jug found swimming

    if you saw my other post I found another milk jug when swimming , this one I've never seen before but it is from my local area . not sure of its exact year but appears this dairy operated in 20's and 30's maybe later but one of the earlier dairies in this area . it appears to have been located...
  10. RCO

    Dr Pepper money back bottle Canada found swimming

    I just pulled this one out of the lake yesterday if you saw my other thread , its label appears to have survived rather well down there , some fading and such . know its not a very old bottle , likely from late 70's or early 80's maybe ? not sure it only has 300 ML and French and English on...
  11. RCO

    Kist bottle found along old road being dug up

    I took a break from swimming yesterday to briefly explore an old road which was being dug up . I noticed the town was digging the ditches along one of the old concession roads , that road has likely been in the same location for over 100 years . but not sure how much traffic it would of got as...
  12. RCO

    Huntsville Ontario Dairy milk jug found swimming

    I've been trying to find some of the milk jugs from the Huntsville Ontario area for a while , never really had much luck though . the other day was swimming for bottles at a dock in the Huntsville area and came across something underwater and initially wasn't sure what it was but it turned out...
  13. RCO

    some swimming bottle finds from summer 2020

    been a lot slower and tougher to find bottles so far this summer with most yard sales cancelled and no flea markets , few antique stores seem to be open either . although I have started to do some swimming as I did in past years , finds haven't been great so far , been finding stuff but not a...
  14. RCO

    Green Spot acl soda bottle - Montreal Quebec

    noticed this one on ebay , don't recall ever seeing or hearing about this brand before so figured I'd post it . kind of a neat look to it , green and white acl on an embossed bottle says it was made by the V - 9 Beverages co Montreal who I have also never heard of , kind of has a 50's era...
  15. RCO

    H.W. Reid Soda Water Bottle - Parry Sound Ontario

    found this bottle online a couple weeks ago , mail moved slower than normal but it finally got here . kind of from my local area , an older 20's / 30's era soda from Parry Sound Ontario . any local bottle from this town seems to be hard to find even the ones from the 50's or 60's aren't around...
  16. RCO

    small lakeside dump and 7 up bottle found

    happened to come across a small lakeside dump , its sort of near a small cottage type area , was poking around and found it near a road and between a small creek . when I first came across it I found a 7 up swim bottle and wondered if there was anything else interesting nearby . but didn't...
  17. RCO

    trying to re locate an old dump site i found years ago

    key word at this point would be trying , around 2013 I metal detected an old farm property near where I live and located an old dump site . it was fairly small and found because it contained old flat head nails . in terms of bottles mostly old whiskey , an old ketchup , wine bottle , a couple...
  18. RCO

    poked around at an old dump i found a couple years ago

    got bored so poked around at an older dump site I had originally found a couple years ago , its a small dump near a lake but actual dump itself is covered , what I found was an area near the road where stuff got tossed but not in the main dump . in terms of bottles finds were extremely limited...
  19. RCO

    found 2 old metal hub caps in embankment

    found 2 old metal hub caps when searching an embankment looking for bottles and cans , not sure if someone left them there years ago as a hiding place or if this spot had some bad bumps and was a hot spot for people to lose them years ago the one says " dodge division " and not sure what car...
  20. RCO

    old buckets lead to small older dump

    the other day I found some old buckets dumped near the edge of a large swamp which is located across the street from an older lakefront property which has been there for a long time , not exactly a hotel but sort of a summer house type place . I've never dug in this area but always kind of...

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