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  1. Robby Raccoon

    WTS Cosmopoliet Dutch Gin

    Putting this one up for sale now that I'm done enjoying it myself. :) Most of these say J.J. Melchers WZ, but not this one. Great color. Definitely worth a tumble for a proud top-shelf display. Picked it up in Wa. Not only did it survive crossing the ocean, but also off-roading in Wyoming as I...
  2. Robby Raccoon

    Who Coined The Term?

    While collecting bottles has been an American hobby since the days of historic flasks, bottling collecting as we understand it today only goes back to the late 1950s. Since then, a number of collector terms have been coined by collectors. While we all understand these terms today and use them in...
  3. Robby Raccoon

    Really Old Bowl?

    I'm having difficulty trying to figure out a time and place this bowl came from. It was made on a wheel, has uneven earthen deposits, and has a ringed foot. The paint is faded as is indicated by better paint under what was wet terracotta that chipped away, having preserved the coloring for a...
  4. Robby Raccoon

    Happy Thanksgiving! Celebrate with Bromo-Caffeine!

    A C. 1920 still full bottle of Bromo-Caffeine to wake you up after your Tryptophan-induced coma from all that turkey! Embossed "Bromo-Caffeine" and featuring a tooled top! Have a great holiday, and count your blessings.
  5. Robby Raccoon

    1910s Detroit Advertising Jug

    Found this today at an antique store. C. 1914-1916 advertising gallon jug of wines and liquors. Max Schreiber, 578 Hastings St., Detroit, Mi. Pictures will be sideways because posting from smart phones does that even after using the editing program to rotate them.
  6. Robby Raccoon

    Protect Fragile Fossil Impressions?

    Well, I dug up dozens of fossils while on vacation, but not only are the fossils highly fragile, but so are the rocks they are in. What can I coat them with that won't yellow, deteriorate them, or let them be in anyway damaged? I have some Krylon Conservation sprays designed for artwork, but I...
  7. Robby Raccoon

    Hide cracks in glass?

    I'm typing a post from a phone for my first time ever trying it, so we'll see if it works. Is there any way to hide all the damage in this medieval bottle? I believe it to have been previously reconstructed. So I don't know how pervious the cracks are to insert some liquid or resin to modify...
  8. Robby Raccoon

    WTS Pontils: Labeled or Embossed: For Sale

    I am downsizing my bottle collection further (down to about 10 bottles once this is over). Currently I am offering the following bottles up for sale here before I put them on eBay. Please, send me a private message for more details, photos, and to offer a price. Pay-Pal or M.O. accepted...
  9. Robby Raccoon

    Elixir Vial?

    At the Grand Rapids bottle show last month, I was given this bottle. What intrigues me about it is the dots which I think were the holes for attaching a plate in the mould. You can kinda see them on the panels in the photo below. All but one panel has them, which makes for an odd plate-mould...
  10. Robby Raccoon

    WTS Selling Collections: Moving Across Country for University

    Welp, I'm moving across the country for university (driving 2,500 miles) and only bringing what fits in my sedan. So, if you guys saw anything in my posts (click here for link to posts) that you had interest in buying, shoot me a PM as it may be up for sale. Otherwise, I'll be at the West...
  11. Robby Raccoon

    Early Islamic Ink Bottle?

    It was sold under the Roman medicine category, but I was suggested that it may actually be early Islamic and made to hold ink. I had been thinking Mediterranean perfume, myself. Yes, it is pontiled. Top is applied to the body. It's mostly green, though the very base seems aqua. Oddly, the...
  12. Robby Raccoon

    Unguent, C. 100 B.C. to 70 A.D.

    Yes, I know this is "pontils only", and that this PRE-dates pontils, but it fits the requirement of 'for really old glass only' much more than most bottles posted in this section. Age of Roman Unguent Bottle Circa 100 B.C. to A.D. 70 (Assumed. See below). General Information This bottle was...
  13. Robby Raccoon

    Any PRE-1840 Paper Labels????

    It seems to me that pre-1840s paper-label bottles with their original paper labels still on them are exceptionally difficult to find. I've seen just a couple that are assuredly pre-1840, and one was a pretty plain wine bottle label from the late 1700s. I would like to see the world's oldest...
  14. Robby Raccoon

    "Bottle of Happiness" LOL!!!

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-octagonal-bottle-of-Happiness-pharmacist-druggist-apothecary-antique/323472560870?hash=item4b507792e6:g:IFIAAOSwZ8tbroS5 I thought this strange, but the photos and description are very poor. What is it? It's embossed "Happiness" and something that I can't read.
  15. Robby Raccoon

    More Junk. :)

    I picked up another somewhat scarce Frank Scott (I've seen three and own two of those (this one is an upgrade in condition)) and a uncommon plus-size Muskegon Brewing Co. bottle. I've seen a few of this large size (big brothers to your normal M.B.C. bottle), both in amber and in aqua, but they...
  16. Robby Raccoon

    Pain Panacea

    Here's a nice one I found pretty cheap today: Dr. Baker's Pain Panacea. It is pontiled. And it has a nice applied top.
  17. Robby Raccoon

    What Milk Looks Like After 60 Years

    Yes, it is still full of milk: but it's become a powdery block now after about 60 years. The cap is black like mold.
  18. Robby Raccoon

    Antique Fan Repair

    Does anyone here know of someone who won't charge 150 bucks to repair an antique fan? It's just a 1910s 6-inch Polar Cub single-speed: no switch, no oscillator. I can't figure out why it won't power on. The wires inside look good, but I don't have the stuff to test for electrical failures...
  19. Robby Raccoon

    Twenty-Million Artefacts Up in Flames

    Last night I caught wind of a major fire at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. The story was fresh off the internet press and only a couple images available, but judging by the fire pouring up through the roof and dancing devilishly with the cranes and helicopters, I was pretty...
  20. Robby Raccoon

    Humanch of Holland, Mi??

    I found a "W. J. Human Ch. Co." / "Holland, Mich" metal milk container (I'm not sure what they're properly called, but it's the big ones dairies used to use to hold bulk raw milk) but am not seeing much online about company other than one 1944 reference I can't actually view because it's a...

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