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    Marble Games

    Back when I was a kid, we played marbles 3 ways. "Ring"...where we drew a ring in the dirt or chalked one on a sidewalk...each player anted up to the middle of the ring, and we took turns shooting from outside the ring - keeping whose ever marble we knocked out. "Chase"...you didn't even wanna...
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    Indian Queen - clear @12K

    http://www.rtam.com/glassworks_catalog/cgi-bin/CATALL.CGI 119. "BROWN’S / CELEBRATED / INDIAN HERB BITTERS - PATENTED / FEB. 11 / 1868", (B-226), American, ca. 1868 - 1875, clear glass with amethyst tone Indian Queen, 12 1/8"h, smooth base, sheared and ground lip. A minor in...
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    Some of my Marbles

    I may know the "names" of less than 6...[&:]
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    DrEnuf "Sign" & Bottles for Bids

    Up for auction for the Forum. Painted tin sign...circa 1950s for Dr Enuf soda. It's about 4 1/2" in diameter with a sticky pad on the back...guess it was intended to be stuck on coolers, doors, counters, etc... Auction ends Monday night July 5th, at Midnight... I pay shipping.
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    Holy Water w/dobber

    thought you'd find this interesting. Patented in 1904. And looks like an apothecary bottle.
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    "Motto Flasks"

    was wondering how many different ones there are? I have but one... Here's Hoping, May You Live Long & Prosper pint BIM with an EAPG pattern on lower portion.
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    Oldest Bottle in Collection

    The oldest bottle in my collection is actually a reportedly ancient demijohn. (did you know demijohn is taken from Persian?) I bought this maybe 15 or more years ago from a local collector. He told me at the time it was Persian and a rope or leather strap went below the collar so it could be...
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    A fishing tale.

    I went fishing this morning but after a short time I ran out of worms. Then I saw a cottonmouth with a frog in his mouth. Frogs are good bass bait. Knowing the snake couldn't bite me with the frog in his mouth I grabbed him right behind the head, took the frog, and put it in my bait bucket...
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    Mountain Dew Collection

    Hillbilly Willie -ie... Stan Dismuke's collection of Mt Dew memorabilia in Wartrace Tn. This is the Raleigh Bottle Club newsletter...pdf file...may load slow: http://www.raleighbottleclub.org/home/images/forms/0909.pdf
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    Peppers Pepsin Bitters = Dr.Pepper?

    Article in Bristol newspapers... http://www2.tricities.com/tri/news/local/article/debate_goes_on_about_origin_of_dr_pepper/47373/
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    Southwest Va Fossils

    ever since I began roaming the mountains and hollows of Washington County Va looking for "abandoned" cemeteries ,I seem to fall over a fossil or more everytime I turn around. It's too bad I'm not falling over bottles, but heck - I take what I can get. I've located 2 fossil beds in the valley...
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    Wooden Bottles

    anyone collect (accumulate) these? I've picked up 3 over the years. All have wood-burned lettering. 1st is a souvenir ( actually they're probably all souvenirs). MOONSHINE-Cherokee NC 2" 2nd Full O' Corn-Mammoth Cave. KY 3" 3rd (I like this one best) Old Rye - Meadowview, VA. 4 3/4"
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    Cast Iron Eagle & Shield

    found this while taking pix in an old cemetery. There were some sections of wrought iron fencing scatered about so I guess this was attached to the gate...which was totally gone. I spotted it in a muddy area. A few more rains and cattle strolling through and it would have been buried. It's...
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    Freeblown Wine..But ?

    Anyone familiar with this bottle? It has characteristics of a wine: push up base, barely discernible pontil, correct shape, laid on tooled ring...but it's clear and very thin - not at all heavy like most wines. Thoughts anyone?
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    Booz Bottle-real vs Repro

    Tom Haunton has found one way to warn eBay buyers about the Booz cabin fakes out there: Original Whitney E.G. Booz’s Old Cabin Whiskey Bottle[/align]NOT! CHECK THIS LISTING OUT![/align]
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    NOV 23 Greensboro NC

    Fellow Collectors, Hope to see you at our upcoming Greensboro NC Bottle & Pottery Show on Sale, Sun Nov 23rd 9:00am-3:00pm. Our show continues to grow each year, and we've already sold more tables than last year. Full show details at: http://www.antiquebottles.com/greensboro/ I would...
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    September in Asheville

    Western North Carolina Antique Bottle & Collectibles Club Presents... "16th Annual Show" September in Asheville September 12th, & 13th 2008 Friday, Sept. 12th: 12 p.m. til 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 13th: 8 a.m. til 2 p.m. Table Rental (available to anyone) $30.00 each (8 ft. long) WOODFIN...
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    Catching Up...

    My apologies. I see while I was away, that several of you had Birthdays. [/align]HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! to everyone I missed on "their" day...RICKjj59w, ZIPPO,'CAM', HEART OF DIXIE, JULES, DOLLARBILL and anyone else...[/align]
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    Ball Perfect Mason Drpd A no slash

    saw a Ball blue pint one of these today...Ball Perfect Mason with dropped "A" and no underscore. Redbook 10 notes a quart, value $25-35...but no pints are listed.[/align]This pint had an inner mouth bruise, hidden by the lid, but no other damage.[/align]Any ideas on it's resale value? It's kind...
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    The Tennessee Valley Traders & Collectors Club Annual Bottles, Glass & Antiques Show & Sale, (Fri 12 noon to 6 PM & Sat. 8 AM to 3 PM), at the Talley Ward Center, 324 South James St., Morristown, TN. Info: BILL HENDERSON, PH: (423) 581-8386, email: billhenderson@musfiber.com Sorry about...

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