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  1. Robby Raccoon

    Please help identify... Thank you!

    I think it may have held wine, but it's under 50 years old and was meant to be decorative after use.
  2. Robby Raccoon

    My Last Two Weeks Bottle Hunting

    They look pretty clean, too.
  3. Robby Raccoon


    It's a scar from an Owens-type (suction-transfer) machine, but it is not an Owens-built machine. Similar machines have a different size scar and/or an offset scar as they couldn't legally copy Owens' patent.
  4. Robby Raccoon

    Special Coke Bottle.

    Supposedly, if the price is so outrageous, it will cause people to think it's valuable-- supposedly.
  5. Robby Raccoon

    I Pray to God this is Original Paint...get it!

    Hope the OP doesn't really pray to God cuz in no way is his conduct here honoring God or His creation. What people ask for an item and what it sells for can be very different things. You can ask any price, but no one will pay over a certain price. Throw it on ebay for an auction starting at...
  6. Robby Raccoon

    Trying to identify the name of this flask and what the is embossing is on both sides

    I wonder if the image is supposed to be a crown, like some sort of bottle given out or sold in a European coronation ceremony. I don't think it any manner of reproduction. I just don't think it terribly old or American.
  7. Robby Raccoon

    Sun Tang

    It was also common to buy standard bottles and have your own plate put in. So many companies will share identical bottles but use different plates for the info as they buy from the same glass company.
  8. Robby Raccoon

    Taking a break here

    I must really be missing something. I've not been noticing any issues here and thought this forum was far friendlier than any on Facebook!
  9. Robby Raccoon

    Found this one Yesterday

    That sounds like fun. I haven't had a chance to see what's around here yet. Been looking for one of the privies at this 1859 farm house!
  10. Robby Raccoon

    Found this one Yesterday

    I wish to poke around there some day.
  11. Robby Raccoon

    What Happens to You’re Collection When You Die?

    While I do wish to preserve history for the future, and while I do have the desire that certain pieces will be able to be appreciated by the many and not just the few, I'm not too cooncerned as earthly toys will be forgotten and all this stuff will be destroyed one day anyway so attempts to...
  12. Robby Raccoon

    What is it? Identified!

    And what is that, exactly, and how does it function?
  13. Robby Raccoon

    whats this tiny amberish yellow bottle?

    I'm not sure it's American and would date it more toward 1900 based on construction and color.
  14. Robby Raccoon

    Bromo Caffeine according to an 1886 medical journal.

    Here's one I posted a while back new in package circa 1920, also BIM. https://www.antique-bottles.net/threads/happy-thanksgiving-celebrate-with-bromo-caffeine.690818/
  15. Robby Raccoon

    CROSBERRY (?) lager beer

    My only concern is that breathing onto the label will put acids on it from the saliva, and that may cause deterioration at a later point in time.
  16. Robby Raccoon

    New Dig Site.

    Welcome back! Don't worry, I'm pretty friendly.
  17. Robby Raccoon

    CROSBERRY (?) lager beer

    It is a good method for a difficult project. I've found so few with labels intact, and they usually begin to deteriorate when the air hits them. I suppose they dry out too quickly.
  18. Robby Raccoon

    Very First Bottle Find

    Definitely a quality first find. Find anymore bottles with it?
  19. Robby Raccoon

    CROSBERRY (?) lager beer

    How do you clean the paper label without risking it?
  20. Robby Raccoon

    Repairing ACLs Help

    I use a paint marker to touch up areas that wore off.

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