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    FYI....McClellanville sites

    FYI....I have lived in McClellanville for 47 years and there is now many lot and land clearing and “for sale” property never before cleared. I was told some time ago that there was a Civil War encampment here during the war. I am not assertive enough or too old to avail myself of this...
  2. M

    Double seamed bottle

    What can someone tell me about double seams? thank you
  3. M

    Double seams

    Please help me with this double seam since I haven’t seen one before. thank you. marjorie
  4. M

    Early Anheuser Busch Bottle

    I found this in my neighbors shed......can anyone tell me the year it was made? Thanks,
  5. M

    PM from Dan

    I received a PM from Dan concerning FW Jessen......I lost the email before I could answer..........my apologies..... please resend. Regards,
  6. M

    Ft. Wayne druggist

    I came across this obit recently while searching and thought perhaps it might be of interest to any Ft. Wayne folks. I'm not sure how well it will come out on the website. Regards,
  7. M

    Possible Privy

    My apologies, I couldn't figure out how to get these all in one post. Here is one of the "holes" Could it be a privy? Thanks,
  8. M

    Possible Privy 3

    Here is the cemetary....most of the graves are sunken into the ground.
  9. M

    Possible Privy

    Here's another view..
  10. M

    Possible privy

    Here are some pictures of an old church in my area. My question is this....for years it has been abandoned and overgrown, especially the cemetary surrounding the church. Recently I noticed someone has cleaned out the brush and exposed the old cemetary and it looks like they have begun doing some...
  11. M

    Coke go with

    Hey fellow bottle collectors! Check out the Members Auction section for a great Coca-Cola go-with! Thanks, it's for the Forum!
  12. M

    Coca-Cola go with....

    Coca-Cola fans.........check out my item for auction at the members only auction site! Support the Forum!
  13. M

    History of Coca Cola

    Hello fellow forum members, I'm not sure there will be any interest in this book but I thought I would take a chance and offer it for auction. For God, Country and Coca-Cola The unauthorized History of the Great American Drink and the Company That Makes It........Whew! by Mark Pendergrast...
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    Dump digging DANGER!

    I came across this on the web....what NOT to do when digging for bottles.....enough said!!
  15. M

    Coke bottle

    Hi All, My neighbor found this coke bottle in the woods and wonders about it's age. It's 11 1/2 inches tall and embossed Rochester, NY on the bottom. It has a screw top. Can anyone enlighten us? Thanks,
  16. M

    Photography help please

    I built a light box....and thought I had daylight bulbs but this is the result.....what did I do wrong? Many thanks,
  17. M

    Unembossed bottle

    Hi all, Here is another bottle given to me....it is 9 1/2 inches tall and green, eventhough it looks brown in the picture. It has lots of whittling and the seam goes just above the shoulder area. My question is what may have it contained and how old might it be.
  18. M

    Johann Huff

    Hi All, I received this bottles with several others as a gift. I was told it was a Mineral Water but my research tells me it may have contained "Malt Extract". My question is what is Malt Extract? Medicine? Beer? Liquor? It looks brown in the picture but actually is green up to the light. I...
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    Pot bellied stove

    Hi all, My neighbor dragged this pot bellied stove out of the woods last week. Does anyone know the maker or year? I'm presuming the name of the manufacturer would have been on the door, which is missing. No other identifying info on the stove but it took four men to move it. It is now a...
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    Virginia Dare

    Hi all, This soda (?) bottle was given to me. I've found out alot about Virginia Dare and the Lost Colony and Virginia Dare wine and flavorings but cannot find anything about this bottle. Can anyone help? I know it's fairly new but it has several large bubbles.... Regards,

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