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    Seeking any info on this 1908 Thos. Lee mug bottom bottle

    I found a Thomas Lee born in NY in 1861 and living in Snohomish, Wa in the 1910 Federal Census. His occupatron was listed as “bottler” “ soda water”
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    FYI....McClellanville sites

    FYI....I have lived in McClellanville for 47 years and there is now many lot and land clearing and “for sale” property never before cleared. I was told some time ago that there was a Civil War encampment here during the war. I am not assertive enough or too old to avail myself of this...
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    Double seamed bottle

    sandchip, i appreciate your explanation, it made me feel a little better but I think I will follow the advice given to me by Kevin Admin when I requested his help.......” move on please”. with regret Marjorie
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    Double seamed bottle

    Thank you, saratogadriver. Your help is appreciated. Marjorie
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    Double seamed bottle

    My apologies sandchip. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on this forum and I couldn’t find my post. when I requested help from the Admin, I received a sarcastic criticism of my bservations Now I see a sarcastic reply from you on my request for help. I’m not feeling very good about this site...
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    Double seamed bottle

    What can someone tell me about double seams? thank you
  7. M

    Double seams

    Please help me with this double seam since I haven’t seen one before. thank you. marjorie
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    Info regarding this bottle/bottler

    My research shows William Wehmhoefer doing business in “ mineral water”in the New York State census’ from 1877-1913 US census for 1915 shows his wife as a widow. how do I post a picture? Anybody?
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    S.O. Himoe Lawrence bottle

    Additionally, S.O. Himoe was listed in the federal census as “physician”. Of interest, he had living with him, a “druggist” named Edward P High. Do you have any information on him?
  10. M

    S.O. Himoe Lawrence bottle

    A beauty! I did some research on Steven O Himoe and found him .....so far......in the federal census and business directory for Lawrence Kansas from 1870 to 1886. Occupation each time listed as “manufacturer of patent medicines” His business address 814 Vermont Street. Just thought I’d pass this...
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    Information needed on George B. Harris!

    Hello RIBottleguy, I'm curious, what was Mr. Harris' occupation listed in the 1887 directory? I found George B Harris b1831 in RI in the Federal Census for 1880 and 1900 In 1880 his occupation is listed as "huckster" In 1900 "Manufacturer of Essences" His Civil War draft registration...
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    Guessing game to benefit the site

    Hey Lou, Two great minds think alike....but I bid 87 first!!
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    Guessing game to benefit the site

    I love games!! (you should have required a donation to the site as an "entry fee" :) I'll guess 87 Thanks,
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    Catasauqa druggist ?

    Hi lil digger, Jacob Seip Lawall was born in Northampton,Pa. 13 Oct. 1832 and died in Catasauqua, Pa. 4 Mar. 1889 He is listed as a "druggist" in the Federal Census of Catasauqua 1860-1880 He also had three sons who were also listed as "druggist" in the 1870 census Harry, Edgar and...
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    C.J. Dresen Muskegon Michigan Blob Beer

    C. J. Dresen was born in Wisconson in1864 and died in Muskegon, MI 1958. He's in the US City Directory for Muskegon from 1897 to 1948!! All of which confirms the above info! I have a directory ad for his business but can't seem to cut and paste it. Regards, Marjorie
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    some finds from a large roadside dump

    VERY interesting, Judu......thanks for the rest of the story!! Regards,
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    some finds from a large roadside dump

    Hello again, RCO Henry K Wampole was born in Philadelphia in June 1849 He died 13 Sept. 1906 He is listed in the Federal Census from 1870 to 1900 His company Henry K Wampole & Co was listed in the Philadelphia City Directory at 127 4th street and his home at 1835 Diamont street.His...
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    some finds from a large roadside dump

    Hello RCO I don't know how much you know about R.V. Pierce but I couldn't resist looking him up in the files. I found him listed in the Buffalo City Directory from1869 through 1899 He and his family are also listed in the Buffalo census. His name is Roy or Ray (both listed) Pierce, MD At...
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    Schanzenbacher mineral water louisville, Ky

    Hello Dragon0421 Great Bottle! Jacob Schanzenbacher is listed in the City Directory for Louisville, Ky. from 1861 thru 1894 He was a bottler of mineral water and lived on Jefferson Street. His bottling company was at 1822 Jackson He was born in Germany in 1828 Regards,
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    Perry Florida Drug Store Bottle

    Great info epackage! I really love the history of the bottles! Regards

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