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  1. Patagoniandigger

    Bottle Name

    There's no paint this is composed of two layers of glass so the outer layer (blue) can be cut out to reveal the layer below (crystal).Al
  2. Patagoniandigger

    Bottle Name

    I guess this is 1970's era. The cameo glass might be made in Murano, Italy for various decorative items. Al
  3. Patagoniandigger

    Smallest Bottles You Own

    Very nice bottle Robby
  4. Patagoniandigger

    What is this poohs honey pot?

    The deeper you dig the better might be the condition of bottles. On tbe surface or near it most is broken.Al
  5. Patagoniandigger

    What is this poohs honey pot?

    The numbers I suppose indicates the capacity of these pots. They have different meaning in other type of recipients. It's easy to verily filling the crock with water and pour it into a measuring recipient. Then divide the amount for the mysterious number. If I am right you get the unit used.
  6. Patagoniandigger

    a few of my finds here in ottawa,ontario Canada

    Beautiful finds DSD Congrats! You post an image with a bottle and four inkwells at the bottom. I think i know the lilac one at left. Look carefully at the base and tel me has it three smal paws (points)? Al
  7. Patagoniandigger

    My treasures found in a house built in 1896.

    Thank you This site is really useful Al
  8. Patagoniandigger

    What is this poohs honey pot?

    The ones I know of this type are 19th century or esrly 20th. I can see your pot has an internal edge that is similar to some glass jars that used a glass lid with a cork seal. It could be a clue.Al
  9. Patagoniandigger

    Dump Truck Finds

    Surprise me very much to see many survivors from such an event. Tell me is the green bottle at left side of the pickles (hexagonal) a poison one? The other green tall one behind is interesting to me and the amber "female" shaped (behind the pottery) too.
  10. Patagoniandigger

    What is this poohs honey pot?

    Have it any mark?
  11. Patagoniandigger

    What is this poohs honey pot?

    Maybe it's an olive pot.
  12. Patagoniandigger


    Mrs Winslow syrup: I have one of those in mint condition. Nice find Al
  13. Patagoniandigger

    New To My Collection (been a long time)

    By the way you're good taken photos, maybe it's your best hobby.
  14. Patagoniandigger

    New To My Collection (been a long time)

    Beautiful purchases. They are all mint condition neat ones Congratulations! Al
  15. Patagoniandigger


    They are nice interesting pieces. My lock is made in Spain. The bronze disc you see in one of the images is a cap that covers the key hole in order to prevent the exterior environment. My lock square hole fot the knob/handle shaft is a little smaller 1/4 " I use muriatic acid for remove rust...
  16. Patagoniandigger


    Tell me how old are the glass door knobs you have? You said Looks like for a gate maybe. The antique gates i know have a different way to lock. My one was used in a main thick door. That's why it has a long tube for introduce the (long)key.
  17. Patagoniandigger

    My collection of milk glass jars

    I found some data about this: The story of the brand started when the hairdresser Charles Jundt bought the Manhattan beauty salon of the New York City Ritz Hotel in 1916. In 1926, he began producing make-up and a year later he added fragrances to their product list. The company joined with...
  18. Patagoniandigger


    Thanks Robby! I never found any glass knob but only bronze ones. Nexr time I find one I'll pick it to try on my lock. I guess your door glass knobs are really collectibles.
  19. Patagoniandigger

    If ya see somethimg you like hit me.up ill send up close pics etc...

    By now I want to know the biggest blue Magnesia Phillips. Please show me the base too.

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