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  1. sandchip

    Cedartown, Georgia Show

    Friday, Jan. 31 and Saturday, Feb. 1.
  2. sandchip

    New shelf from old box

    When my kids were young, I made each of them a box for their toys that they could slide under their beds. We were really cramped for space in those days. I cut one of my earliest signs that I had hung on to for the bottoms and some scrap 1 bys for the sides. I was rummaging through the...
  3. sandchip

    Avatar origins

    Well, since you asked, lol, here's where my avatar came from, the flap of an old envelope. From what I can find, the stamp was introduced in 1851 and used until 1869. Wish it had the year on the postmark, but I'm leaning toward around 1855. Addressed to "W.E. Smith, Atty. at Law, Albany, Geo."...
  4. sandchip

    Augusta 2019 FOHBC National

    I hope to goodness that some of you were able to make it to this show, Thursday through Saturday, and I apologize for not taking more pictures. Thursday alone would have been enough with everyone being invited into the home of Mike Newman. In addition to the many bottles already on display in...
  5. sandchip

    Chocolate milk

    Don't believe I've ever posted this one before. The picture is not the best, but the embossing reads, "Spring Creek Dairy / Chocolate / Milk / Montezuma, Ga." Thanks for looking.
  6. sandchip

    Creek gave up a couple...

    Got through working early yesterday. Well, I never get through but it was nice out, so I quit. Sue me! Hit the creek which was up a little. Had to take it easy so as not to get a wader full of cold water, but the regular rains recently had blown things out around logs and all. Spotted a few...
  7. sandchip

    Smyrna, Ga. show

    Picked this up yesterday. Always a nice little show with great folks in a classy venue. I encourage anyone who hasn't attended this show to make plans for next year.
  8. sandchip

    Fraud alert

    Just wondering if anybody else got an email from a "Billy Ar" attempting to sell a Success to the Railroad flask. The email had all the pictures matching those of one listed on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/034-SUCCESS...p2047675.l2557 When I received the email, there was still 30 minutes...
  9. sandchip

    RC and Grapico

    I was cleaning out an old shed behind my shop so I could stabilize the old building the other day. I've collected for 42 years now and had searched every inch of the family place, or so I thought. After emptying the shed, I was smoothing the powder dry dirt floor with a rake and heard a scrape...
  10. sandchip

    Codd bottle

    A friend of mine texted me pictures of this bottle. It's not his, but the owner wanted to know about it and I told him what I knew, but didn't know what to tell him concerning value except that normally, they aren't high-dollar bottles. He also asked how to clean it and I told him it's about...
  11. sandchip

    Mineral springs picture

    Bought this at the estate sale of an elderly lady that used to live behind me. Not sure where Highrock is in the picture, either in the foreground at left or up on the hill at the extreme left. Now all I need are some bottles to go with my go-with. [attachment=spring.JPG] [attachment=springs1.JPG]
  12. sandchip

    Needing help with gonnorhea

    A friend dug this the other day and asked if I knew anything about it, but I had never heard of it. He said that it's a tooled top half oval and measures 5.5" h. Sounds like a good one, but I dunno. Hoping y'all can help out. Thanks, everybody. The embossing reads: "GOLDEN ROD LOTION /...
  13. sandchip

    Any ideas on this?

    Seems like I've seen pictures of items similar to this before, but don't remember where. I found it in a thrift/junk/antique place for 6 bucks, so I took a chance, especially since they had it laying in a glass dish just waiting to be broken. The ribbed melon part is blown, four-mold with a...
  14. sandchip

    Red Key? Mason

    A customer left this for me at my shop while I was out. Pint sized, fairly dark aqua, ABM. Can somebody give me some idea of its value? I'm sure it's not rare, but it's the first I've seen, which isn't saying much.[attachment=redkey.JPG]
  15. sandchip

    1903-O Barber quarter

    We may not have weather like yesterday for a while, so I got my work done yesterday and knocked off at lunch to hit the creek. After about a mile and only two yawner bottles, I'd just about had it. I had reached the spot where I had planned on turning around, and worked the spot pretty hard...
  16. sandchip

    LaGrange Bottling Works

    Picked this up at an estate sale yesterday. Super grimy, but cleaned up real nice. [attachment=lagrange.JPG]
  17. sandchip

    Recent finds

    Got out for a couple of hours the other day. So late in the day that I started not to go, but I'm glad I did now. The brandy is an odd shade of amber and its top looks English to me. [attachment=eldridge.JPG] [attachment=brandy.JPG] [attachment=bigsandy.JPG]
  18. sandchip

    Old Oaken Bucket

    Anybody know anything about this one? Friend of mine picked it up at an estate sale for five bucks. Told him I feel like he did good at that price. Has a tooled top, about 8 in. h. overall, the barrel end (front) is about 6 in. in diameter, and it's probably 3 in. deep. Embossed "FIRE COPPER...
  19. sandchip


    I know it's a long shot, but it can't hurt. Somebody broke into my shop and took this frame of birdpoints off the wall late Saturday night or early Sunday. Please keep an eye out for them, ebay, Craigs, wherever. All personally found over 25+ years of looking. What sucks is that it was a...
  20. sandchip

    Fargo Mineral Springs

    Picked up this today at an antique mall. Didn't figure I could go wrong at $2.00. Of course, I guess it could be worth only a nickel. Clear, tooled crown top and mint aside from the inside staining. Any good? [attachment=fargo.JPG][attachment=fargo1.JPG]

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