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  1. J

    North American Glass Auction

    Auction is primarily fruit jars, but usually some nice bottles as well https://auction.gregspurgeon.com/
  2. J

    R.M. Dalbey's Fruit Jar Pat Nov 16 1858

    Ex Alex Kerr collection
  3. J

    Favorite Jar for June 2015

    Seeing that amber Trademark Lightning made me think of a lighter (honey?) amber Globe I have. From the front you see some small bubbles & crudity, but turn it just a bit and there's a big "eye" lookin' back at ya! That's what put it on my favorites list. -TammyPS - C'mon you guys let's see...
  4. J

    Facebook Groups for Jar Collectors

    If you are not aware of the groups on Facebook for Fruit Jar Collectors, here are some links for you:Reproduction jars - https://www.facebook.com/groups/844269035644710/?hc_location=ufiFruit jar go-withs - https://www.facebook.com/apps/feed#!/groups/1610798639136604/Free jar auction group -...
  5. J

    Favorite Jar for January 2015

    I'm hoping to revive the "favorite jar" category, I still want to see your favorites. To start out the new year, I'm showing this unembossed, clear, slightly stained, not much to look at half pint jar. What I like about it is that it has a ground lip, a lot of bubbles, and a midget lid fits...
  6. J

    16 Jars of Sweet Sunshine!

    8 oranges, 4 lemons, 11 cups of sugar, 4 hours of determined peeling & chopping and voila! Marmalade - worth every minute!
  7. J

    Favorite Jar for November 2014

    This jar has been a favorite of mine for a long time, I just got around to getting it off the top of my cabinet in the kitchen so I could get some photos. It's a Valve Jar Philadelphia - with a big indentation on the side where it got picked up a little too soon and the tongs left a very...
  8. J

    West Coast Fruit Jar Get-Together

    On September 6, Jerry Ikeda (aka Fruit Jars) and his wife Eileen were kind enough to host a gathering of fruit jar collectors who reside in California and other points west. Although it was a small gathering, the jars assembled at the "Show and Tell" were nothing less than spectacular. I...
  9. J

    Favorite Jar for August 2014

    Here's another favorite, a Cobalt streaked Kerr 65th Anniversary jar with "birdswing". It's my understanding that this was intentionally done to a few of the cobalt streaked jars, though I've never seen anything about how many were done this way. Maybe Jim Sinsley can add some clarification?
  10. J

    JULY 2014 My Favorite Jar

    Now that the summer doldrums have set in, I propose we start a new, and hopefully continuing tradition: Each month, choose a "favorite" jar from your collection, post a photo of it and briefly describe why it's a favorite. I'll start this month with my Dolly's Mason Jar. It's a recut mold of...
  11. J

    Roseville Bottle Show

    The Auburn bottle show has always been the closest to "local" show for me, but now it's been moved to Roseville and it's even more local. I get to save some gas and still attend a great show. Just a small find for me this year, but it's one I haven't seen before: the Golden West Peanut Butter...
  12. J

    Looking for Help from Go-With Collectors

    Some of you are aware that I maintain a website for fruit jar rings boxes, but you may not be aware that I am adding a lot of other go-withs to the site. So, www.fruitjarrings.com contains a lot more stuff now than it once did - AND - I'm looking for contributions from other collectors who may...
  13. J

    Finds from Auburn show

    Picked up a couple of jars at the Auburn show this past weekend. The first is this cute little Golden West Peanut Butter half-pint with original lid:
  14. J

    Jar Rings and Lids Collection

    I have recently been asked to help a collector dispose of his collection. He would like to see the entire collection go to a beginning collector who would then have a jump start on a nice collection. This is a modest collection of 136 jar rings boxes, most fairly common but a few hard to find...
  15. J

    Puck Coffee with label

    Some of my favorite jars are embossed coffees with original labels. Here's one I had been looking a long time to find.
  16. J

    Clear Lid Search

    Since there are several diggers on this site, I decided this might be the best place to ask. Please let me know if you have the following available for sale or trade: 1. Cohansey lid in CLEAR (if there's no wire, that's fine.). 2. Glass insert for an improved style midget in CLEAR. Thanks...
  17. J

    weekend canning

    Canned some green beans this weekend, using my favorite old-style Ball Special & Kerr Trademark Reg. jars! It's kinda fun to know you're using jars that are older than you are. Here's something to add to your "they don't make 'em like they used to" file: While removing the jars from the...

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