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    A Pic

    A pic I took this year.
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    Winter Pic

    Got a bit of snow and took this pic.
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    Pic Post Test

    Just trying out the site
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    Wax Sealer 1/2 gallon

    I picked this one up at the Flea. It has a few lip chips, but is really green. My pic is taken in bright light, but jar is darker than pic shows.
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    Latest Anthony bottle

    I collect these E Anthony Photographic Chemical Bottles. The middle one I just got is embossed with the 501 Broadway address. It is a Key mold bottle. Anthony was at this address from 1860 to 68.
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    Flea Find

    Picked this up at the Flea this weekend.
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    Bottle pic

    I like this pic.
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    Window Pic

    Just took this pic yesterday
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    Back Bar Bottle?

    Anyone shed any info on this bottle. It has a polished pontil. The glass around the shoulder is applied. The word Lemon is hand etched. I'm thinking 1860 or so? It stands about a foot tall.
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    Flea Market Find

    Got this at the Flea yesterday. Thought it was kool with the label.
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    Latest Flea Market Jar

    Found this Colorless Quart a couple weeks ago. It is an original intact jar with glass insert and lugged band.
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    Today's Flea Jars

    One is Colorless and the other is Killer Color.
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    A Coupla Pics

    Haven't seen any pics here in awhile. Thought I would post a couple I took this morning.
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    Latest Feebay Finds

    Just got these guys. Rogers / Vegetable Worm. Syrup / Cincinnati (open pontil) Dr. W. Earl & Co N.Y. / Prepared Only By Dr. Edwards' / Tar Wild Cherry & Naptha / Cough Syrup ( hinge mold)
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    Charles Ellis

    I'm on the hunt for this bottle here. Do ya'll think it's color looks altered? It looks legit to me , but I'd like some other folks opinion. Thanks. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CITRON-CHARLES-ELLIS-SON-CO-PHILADA-RARE-COLOR-/121285553596?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1c3d2eadbc
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    Winter Colors

    Took a bunch more pics since we had some snow again. Here are a couple.
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    Phoenix Glass Co.

    Found this old check at the Flea this past Sunday. I noticed it was payment to Phoenix Glass Co. and is dated Sept 22 1883. It was signed on the back by W.I. Miller who was one of the co-founders. I thought it was interesting. Got it for a dollar
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    Took a couple pics and thought I would share
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    Latest Bottle Pics

    Got 4-5 inches of snow last night. So, it is time to take some pics of my favorites. Thanks for looking.
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    Latest E. Anthony Bottle

    Here's my latest I got off the Feebay. I did a search and found one I had missed last month. It turns out the fella dug 4 of these in one dig. He was nice enough to put up another for me. Finding different variations of these seem like finding hen's teeth to me. I was pumped to get this one...

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