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    Codd bottlw

    Hi , I found this codd bottle in Halifax Harbour NS on the weekend. It is embossed with DAVID PETERS and THRUMS on the front and RYLAND LO(?) and BARNSLEY on the back. Does any one know what was in it and a date
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    Old Bottle neck

    Hi, I found this bottle neck While diving last weekend, I know there is not much of it, but can anyone give me some ideas as to the age . It is a green glass . It was found in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia.. Thanks
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    how to clean stoneware

    I found a piece of pottery while diving last night and it is encrusted with barnacles and other sea stuff,, how would I go about cleaning it. Thanks!!!
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    Some pop bottles I found

    Here are some pop bottles I found while diving in Halifax harbour, Nova Scotia. I don't know much about them, any information would be great!! The close up in picture 8 is pampa cola Thanks
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    Help Identifying a couple of bottles

    I recently found a bottle while diving in Halifax Harbour, Nova Scotia. could anyone help to identify it. I am new to bottle collecting. It is olive green and has no markings about 9" tall, it looks like it was blown into a mold with an applied lip. it has what looks like very shallow flats on...

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