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  1. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    Most of them, under 80 bucks each. I normally buy them for 40 bucks each. Market is saturated, demand is low.
  2. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    Army Digger, some of them can be quite robust. Roman glassware, which is blown, tends to be frail. But the cast Islamic glassware is very durable. Robby Bobby, Yes, a couple of them were authenticated. The big green one in back had also been professionally reconstructed.
  3. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    There's actually a similar one on ebay right now, but it's cruder and pricey. This example, though reconstructed, is my favorite because of the basket weave pattern. I bought a lot of three just for this bottle then sold the others to pay for it lol.
  4. Robby Raccoon

    Medieval Glass

    I don't post much anymore because I don't really collect much anymore; but I collected these over a couple years. They're medieval Islamic, one Byzantine, and one unknown in origin. Mostly from the later half of the first millennium. I had a few of them authenticated. Before anyone takes...
  5. Robby Raccoon

    Privy Location on 1850s Farm?

    nhpharm, thank you. I spent a few days in the fall figuring out where I'd put it and finally made a map. Yacorie, the problem is, there's a door on every wall and the closest one to the bedroom is the one in B2. It went straight to the property line, away from the wind, and was a rather useless...
  6. Robby Raccoon

    Privy Location on 1850s Farm?

    1850s farm house (A). 3/4 Cape Cod in style with a door on each wall; plank construction settler's cabin. Original barn burned (E). Lots of stuff around it. Historically, it was a cattle farm with some crops on original 40 acres. In my opinion, the most likely location of the privy is...
  7. Robby Raccoon

    River, Creek, or Lake finds

    I really don't have most of mine anymore. Used to have a bunch of SS Cokes and pre-pro beers, but most of them I upgraded or sold and never re-acquired. Some of these Paul's Drinks came out of a lake. The far left one was the one that got me started as I found it in a lake as a youth.
  8. Robby Raccoon

    Got these three over the past weekend. Possible pontils

    https://sha.org/bottle/bases.htm No pontils in your lot, I'm afraid. The above link can be very educational.
  9. Robby Raccoon

    What is the procedure to stop bruises and cracks ?

    Treat it like a pet fish. It must adjust gradually to temp changes and must not be bumped around.
  10. Robby Raccoon

    Awesome BIG Rainier Beer Blob Top Bottle!! Date?

    This is correct. Streator Bottle and Glass Co. liquidated in 1905.
  11. Robby Raccoon

    Log cabin bottle?

    What I was saying is, what did they put in it? Pine oil, whiskey, thyme, sage, or what? Lol
  12. Robby Raccoon

    Homestead hunt.

    I need some stones like that for repairing my foundation.
  13. Robby Raccoon

    Log cabin bottle?

    Recork it. I'd like to know what it smells like to determine what was in it.
  14. Robby Raccoon

    Mrs. Winslow's Toothing Syrup (Not Soothing) Error Bottle

    I suppose the meaning is still the same.
  15. Robby Raccoon

    Chateau Margaux c. 1820s bottle

    To me, the top looks newer, but I dont study French bottles.
  16. Robby Raccoon

    Cocker Spaniel Sulfide

    Pity, I was hoping to somehow see the dog better. It can only be seen when wet. I've found several marbles here, but none that old. Nice little memento to go with the pic.
  17. Robby Raccoon

    Cocker Spaniel Sulfide

    Found under an addition to our house. Rough shape, sadly. Definitely a cocker spaniel. Any way to get it out without damage to the dog?
  18. Robby Raccoon

    Michigan Milk Bottles

    Some quarter-pinters, or gills from Michigan. Then this weird one with a fish etched on it, also from Michigan, sitting in a milk bottle carrier.
  19. Robby Raccoon

    Crafts for children: Lightning Ball Painting

    I've read that the balls were often seen as gaudy in later years, so they became less popular. So it may be that painting them would have been too gaudy even in the earlier years. I saw only one painted one online, but it looked too good to be very old.
  20. Robby Raccoon

    Identify bottles in photo?

    Any friends in the police, FBI, or photo editing world with software to improve the image beyond the capability of normal editing programs?

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