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    Nashville TN

    Hi everyone! I recently moved down to the Nashville area (Nolensville) about 3 years ago from the north east. I would dig quite a bit back up north but have yet to find any spots down here. I know it’s a lot to ask but I was wondering if there is any other local Nashville diggers willing to take...
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    WANTED!! Dr. Weightman's Embrocation WANTED!!

    hmm I wonder why that happened. Well thank you for always thinking of me. I appreciate it.
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    WANTED!! Dr. Weightman's Embrocation WANTED!!

    Hey all, I'm trying to track down and purchase a Dr. Weightman's Embrocation bottle. I've only been able to find a photo of one, and Im not sure if this is the only variation or size. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also Im always looking for any bottle from Waterville, NY -...
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    Help Identifying Glass Makers Marks

    Thank you all for the replies. I figured most of the marks on the bottom would be some sort of mold reference, but recently I watched a video on Hutchinson bottles and the guys in the video attributed the marks on the bottom of a few of the bottles they had to bottle makers so thats where my...
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    Help Identifying Glass Makers Marks

    I was hoping to get some help identifying some glass makers marks on the bottom of several Hutchinson bottles I have. Here is some pictures as well as a description of each. They are 4 different NY state Hutch bottles -1st- Slug reads "Waterville Bottling Works" Bottom reads "1" and this bottle...
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    The well was'nt a well....

    Hey DD I see the weather is gonna get nice out your way this up coming weekend. Any plans on heading back over? It made me sad when the pictures stopped coming. Hope you're well
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    The well was'nt a well....

    That shot of all the bottles in the Window looks incredible DD
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    The well was'nt a well....

    Also I siked you found those stoppers!!
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    The well was'nt a well....

    For some reason I didn't this page for this thread. You are killing it Don!! man I wish it wasn't getting so cold there so I could make another trip over there with you. And Stonebottle it stands right around 10 1/2
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    The well was'nt a well....

    Heres a picture of the signed Stoneware beer bottle. As you can see its far bigger than the normal Stoneware beer. Does anyone know the reason its so much bigger?
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    The well was'nt a well....

    Heres the on site pic and another shot of some of the bottles cleaned up. It was nice taking a trip back to Upstate NY and had a blast with Dumpdiver. Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon.
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    Embossed Waterville, NY Milks

    Thank you very much guys. I've been up to that spot in Remsen a few different times when I traveled back to Waterville. I haven't had luck any of the times I've stopped in but Ill call and even leave my contact info in case they come across anything. Thanks again
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    Embossed Waterville, NY Milks

    Hey everyone I was hoping to get your help in trying to locate some embossed milks from several different dairy's that would have been located in Waterville, NY. E.J. Manion - Round Embossed Quart, Round Embossed Half PintCharles Eastman - Round Embossed PintR.W. Eastman (Good Luck Farm) -...
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    3 new watertowns , very rare

    Very Nice! Wish I could find more Embossed Waterville milks. It seems like all I can find are pyros.
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    2 New Milks...

    The Native American Pyro on that R.I. one is great!!
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    Some Bottles For Sale!

    You're very welcome Bruce! They cleaned up great!! and Dcravosa unfortunately the only milks I had were a few from Conn. and I cant remember the exact dairy's but I sold them.
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    Enfield, CT. Antique Insulator, Bottle & Collectible show

    Hey there I was wondering if anyone has gone to this show in the past? Thats if there has been shows in the past. I was planning on checking it out but was wondering how many bottle vendors I should expect to see or if it is mostly Insulator vendors? Heres the info:Dec 8, 2013 Enfield, CTYankee...
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    Thats a nice clean looking case! Bravo!
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    What do you collect for milks?

    Im always looking for milks from my hometown Waterville, NY. Waterville had a leading Hop industry for many years but after a mold affected the crop many of the old Hop farms turned into dairy farms. Im also looking for milks from Oriskany Falls, NY and Richfield Springs, NY because parts of my...

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