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  1. vichyshioise

    Anybody have any info on this jar?

    Googled it and found literally nothing. Found 3 of these in the same dump.
  2. vichyshioise

    Found these three today while digging a privy.

    All are blown in a mold and probably date from 1900-1915.
  3. vichyshioise

    Unknown 1920s soda, need help identifying

    Anybody have any info on this bottle? Looked it up on google but got no results. Made by the D.O.C. glass co and probably dates from 1915-1930. Says "NATIONAL BOTTLING WORKS MINERS MILLS, PA." [higher quality photo https://i.redd.it/dpzi52bdk4w31.png]
  4. vichyshioise

    Unknown glass maker mark on old French's jar

    Found this mark on the bottom of an old "It's French's" jar. Looked on glassbottlemarks.com, but couldn't find any results that match the logo. Logo is a big M on top of a small A, with the A submerged into the M. Does anybody know what this glass maker is?
  5. vichyshioise

    Can anybody help with dating this bottle?

    There is a C overlapping an L and the number 5 on the bottom, and "Read's" is all it says. Pretty sure the glass company is Carr-Lowrey and the bottle was from Read's drugstore in Baltimore, MD

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