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  1. Dabeel

    Nice Cobalt Soda for Sale for Vet Care funds

    Hi All, In this lean time of the year for work for me, I have to sell this nice cobalt Soda that I found last year in San Francisco. I have to get my dog to the vet for a needed visit and this is the best way to raise the funds to do it. This is a 1871-1880 Bay City Soda Works Bottle out of...
  2. Dabeel

    Crazy Tribal Mask

    I was under another house in the neighborhood a couple of days ago and found this interesting tribal mask. The owner of the building has no idea where it came from and why it was under there, but he said I could keep it. I guess I have some research to do in regards to whether it is a...
  3. Dabeel

    Potlid shard Help Trog? GACDIG?

    Hi guys, It's possible I posted this before but I don't remember getting any replies. I found this shard of what appears to be a potlid. Do any of you know what this was...any help appreciated. Thanks, Doug
  4. Dabeel

    Started my New Year Resolution....Digging More Often

    January 3rd of the New Year and I got myself in the dirt today! Hell Yes I'm really going to stick to this resolution of getting out to dig a lot this year. So my new probe came in the mail today(Thanks John"Jaken") and since I was home and the ground has softened up a lot here in CA from the...
  5. Dabeel

    SF Transbay Terminal Site Visit and photolink

    Hey Everyone, I made some time this afternoon to visit the San Francisco Transbay Terminal site where the Archaelogical firm of WSA had uncovered and made a nice display of the recently found artifacts. Here's a link to the photos I took at the lobby display and even through the fence of...
  6. Dabeel

    Shoreline Walk yields two great sodas

    I had a day off yesterday and was trying to think of a place that I could look for bottles. I used to work off of Hunter's Point shipyard in SF,CA many years ago and remember how many veteran diggers(Cal Digr2 included) have found bottles here. So I found a place where they are excavating for a...
  7. Dabeel

    Happy Birthday Red Ginger (Laur)

    Hey Laur, Since I'm up past midnight here on the West Coast, might as well be the first one to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one![:)] Take Care, Doug
  8. Dabeel

    Happy Birthday Myersdiggers1998

    Hey Gordon, Have a great birthday! [:)] I often forget to look at the bottom of the forum page where it lists members birthdays. Well......I noticed it today and wanted us to send out a message to you from us regulars on the forum. Have a good one! Doug
  9. Dabeel

    This weekend 49er Bottle Show Pics

    Hey all, I made a link for all the photos I took at the 49er bottle show in Auburn CA. The link should take you to my Flickr page. I didn't want to waste alot of bandwidth on the forum. http://www.flickr.com/photos/7153813@N07/ Let me know if the link works. Enjoy, Doug in Oakland
  10. Dabeel

    Wanted Dr Morse Indian root pills bottle

    Hey All, Been a little while since I've been on here. I just picked up this nice trade card for Dr Morse's Indian Root Pills and would like to buy the "go with" for it......meaning I need the bottle. I saw a couple on ebay but they are in the UK and don't feel like paying out the nose for...
  11. Dabeel

    Scored a Great Hardcover Bottle Book

    I was just browsing my local book shop and spotted this 400 plus page hardcover bottle book "Antique Glass Bottles, their history and evolution 1500-1850 by Willy Van den Bossche. A great photo book for only 14.00. I checked online and if I wanted to buy it now it would cost anywhere from...
  12. Dabeel

    Bottle Shard ID help

    So I was back digging in the backyard again.....found these shards of bottles today. If Matt can take a lot at the embossing he might be able to find it in his medicine guide(I'm not on the computer where I have a copy of his guide, so I can use anybody's help especially with the "Indian"...
  13. Dabeel

    Rusted relics from Backyard

    Hey all, Some of you probably remember my post about the old well found under my house. So I was working in the garden yesterday and started pulling out more discards under the soil. Since a lot of you are very good at ID of objects here's a few photos of this hanger shaped metal piece with two...
  14. Dabeel

    Id of object guesses?

    Hey all while rooting around in old site dating to the 1880's in Oakland, uncovered this object. Just throwing this out there to see what some of you think it is. My only guess is that it's some type of sign ornament that would stick into the ground? I'm bored and just felt like posting...
  15. Dabeel

    Hostetter's variations question

    Hey guys after further examining the Honey amber Hostetter's, I noticed there are two periods under the "R" in "Dr" Is this a normal occurence for most Hostetter's?.......just curious. Thanks for your input in advance. Doug
  16. Dabeel

    Honey Amber Hostetter's from ebay

    I guess I can say I'm enjoying eBay again. It's been a long while since I've bought or sold anything with them......time can heal some wounds, but I'll probably never sell with them again because of the whole Paypal connection crud, and the associated problems I had as a seller using Paypal...
  17. Dabeel

    Rainy Day Antique Fair finds

    Hey All, Went to our once a month outdoor antique fair today in the Bay Area and glad to see a bottle seller roughing it in the light rain with a table of goodies. Got this early San Francisco Druggist bottle C.L. Wilhelm very cheap. Just wanted to share my first 2011 finds. Happy...
  18. Dabeel

    You Snooze, You lose!!

    Man I was supposed to wake up in time this morning to bid on this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rt=nc&nma=true&item=170582631490&si=ll9hcolqVOQpbpxlqPO07JqZ3QM%253D&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT In past American Bottle auctions these were worth at least...
  19. Dabeel

    Oakland Stream Bank Finds

    Hey All, So I went back to the stream today and decided to search the banks for bottles instead of tackling that large brick structure today. Thanks to Madman about the suggestion of sledgehammering a few bricks to see what's inside........I just might do that later. So in one section of the...
  20. Dabeel

    Anyone for a back breaking workout?

    So I was inspired by Joe the crow and ajohn to get out today and wander through the wooded stream area that had a women's dormitory on the grounds in the late 1880's. By looking at maps from 1889 there used to be a lot of out buildings used by the maintenance workers as small repair and storage...

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