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    International Brewing Co Schenectady NY

    Have this pint that I pulled out of a box. Did a bit of research, but couldnt find one in my 5 mins of searching. I am imagining it is a common piece, but want to make sure before just putting it in a box to give away or sell on local classifieds cheap. International Brewing Co Fine Premium...
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    Lockport Help

    A friend of mine recently purchased a large bottle collection close to his place. Over 500 bottles, with a lot of it being 5-10 dollar Ontario bottles. Had some better stuff in the collection for sure. He has enlisted me to sell it off for him. I know most, or a good chunk of the Canadian stuff...
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    Barn finds!

    Over the past summer, I have worked at cleaning out the barn at my moms property as we get ready to sell the farm. My parents built the house 30 years ago, and with my dads inability to throw stuff away, that was a large chore that still isnt done. The past weekend I was showing potential buyers...
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    SUPER bubbly bottle

    Got this from a local guy who buys antiques at garage sales and flea markets. Had a box of bottles I went through, and this was the only interesting one. Paid a whole $5 for it. I normally would not buy a British unembossed bottle, but this one was way too cool. It is LOADED with bubbles, carbon...
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    Random Coins

    Was helping my mom go through my grandmas stuff that had been sitting around for the past 10 years. Found a box of random coins, mostly foreign except for a few exceptions. First photo:1866 US 2 cent, 1844 US large cent that someone cut a square out of, 1863 US NOT ONE CENT/ INDUSTRY Civil war...
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    Local Paper Labelled Liniment

    Picked this up on the weekend from a local picker. He contacted me saying he had this bottle, I had never heard of it before. Not super early, but a tooled top bottle at least. Label is fairly nice overall, other than a couple small tears and pieces missing. Called "Pride of Ontario Liniment"...
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    Mid Ohio

    Any of the insulator collectors on here going to the Mid Ohio show next weekend in Springfield, OH?
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    Stepped up for this

    Saw this piece on Ebay a couple weeks ago on a 10 day auction. Its an "M Bixel & Sons, Lager Beer, Strathroy , Brantford". Aqua quart. Size was the reason I had to step up to get this one. These quarts are TOUGH in this bottle, the pints are fairly common. This may be the first of this size and...
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    Two nights in a row!

    After a long time of picking up nothing worth mentioning, I get 2 bottles in 2 nights. I always watch the local auction house's listings. They have bottles there very often, but normally, not enough for me to bother going to for. The last few times I have gone, bottles went for big bucks. I saw...
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    Local classifieds find

    It has been a tough year on the local classifieds for good finds. Antique of all sorts, not just bottles, have been tough to find this year for reasonable prices. Even the past few years, I always found some good finds, but not much in the past few months. Mostly just highly overpriced low...
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    New York Seltzer Water co, Detroit

    The company I work for does some street level imaging, and we are currently working on a project for the City of Detroit. I work as a manager, so really just spend my days looking through thousands of photos to make sure they are done correctly. With the city of Detroit, I have seen some VERY...
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    1 OZ cobalt bottle

    So I got this bottle today. For some reason, I think I have seen it before, or a similar bottle, but I cant place my finger on it. Stands just over 4" tall, tooled lip. Looks like the monogram is "CM Co"? Anybody shed some light on this bottle?
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    Pepsi Cola "plastic" men

    OK, I have looked high and low on the internet. I normally find what I am researching after a while, but these have stumped me. I cant find them, or any mention of them in my travels to this point. They both came from the family cottage when we were cleaning it out. One is a weightlifter and one...
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    Primitive bottle- John Howell

    Picked up this bottle today when I visited an antique pickers place. He had this bottle on the shelf in the barn, didnt know anything about it. I bought it with the hope that it was an Ontario primitive and I got a good price if it were an Ontario primitive. Upon a little bit of research, looks...
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    The Darling Feeder- Looking for info

    I have had this bottle for a few years now. I bought it at an auction in a lot of other bottles. I have never seen another, and have never found any information on it. The "W & Co" I believe to stand for Wightman & Co of Pennsylvania. They were based in Pittsburgh, but had a few factories around...
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    Shining up a hazy bottle- Video

    I made a video and have discussed this method on here before. Its a cheap and easy way to make a hazy bottle shine a little more without tumbling or long processes. Sorry about the rough editing and bad video(done with a cell phone) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nayd9-VVj9U
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    Mixed bag of a bottle collection

    I was on the local classifieds probably a month ago now, and saw a local person advertising a bottle collection for sale. It had no details at all. Figuring it would be absolute junk, I asked if they had any local stuff. Got a replay saying yes, and they would get me a list of bottles. I waited...
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    1850s emerald green torpedo

    Came across this after looking at some other bottles the seller had for sale from here in Ontario. This is a stunning piece. States he believes it is a Lockport Glass works piece. Either way, its sure is nice, and will bring a good buck I would think...
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    High Rock Saratoga value??

    I need some help from people that know US bottles better that I. There is a collector close by that has a High Rock Saratoga water bottle for sale. I see them all the time here on the forum, but they are not something I ever hear of being found here in Canada. I have no knowledge of them. I...
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    A couple nice pieces

    A guy locally had these advertised on Kijiji(Canadas craigslist). He lives about 2.5 hours away, but said we would be coming down to London to get his son from school. Since I live near the University, he said he would just bring them by and let me look at them. He had a collection of about 10...

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