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    Jones Soda Water Works - Windsor Ont bottle

    Have seen a few different Jones Windsor bottles( I have at least one or two in boxes somewhere). With it being from Windsor, not many people pay attention to it. Just not a city that has bottles in high demand I find
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    Can't Identify these Brown Bottles

    Have seen a ton of these over the years. I believe I have seen one with a label for a floor or shoe polish, but these were a widely used bottle, probably used for a number of products
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    International Brewing Co Schenectady NY

    It certainly is odd how those sort of pricing variants seem to go, but I guess that is all in collecting. There are tons of "rare" things that have little to no value, even though they may come from an established stream of collectible item. All depends what you have, who wants it, and when you...
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    Punch Dry Limited - Toronto Ont - Art deco soda bottle

    That is a less common seen Punch Dry for sure RCO. Have seen a few of those in my travels over the years, but not a ton. Nice piece.
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    International Brewing Co Schenectady NY

    Thanks for the info guys. I guess that is rather interesting it seems to be a rare piece. Have talked to a couple other NY collectors who reported the same. Very odd that as rare as it is, its only a $20-30 bottle. Here in Ontario, a common aqua blob beer from almost any city is a $20 bottle. A...
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    International Brewing Co Schenectady NY

    Have this pint that I pulled out of a box. Did a bit of research, but couldnt find one in my 5 mins of searching. I am imagining it is a common piece, but want to make sure before just putting it in a box to give away or sell on local classifieds cheap. International Brewing Co Fine Premium...
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    Small D.D.D. Bottle

    As far as I know, D.D.D stands for DeHAVENS DYSPEPSIA DESTROYER. I have dug DDD bottles in the past.
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    old paper label Cod Liver oil bottle Northern Ontario

    I know the seller of these bottles. Big medicine collector. The Northrop Lyman CW piece is probably the easiest to get embossed CW bottle. Still a nice piece though.
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    Taylor and Pringle - Northern Ontario soda water bottle

    I have a Taylor and Pringle, Owen Sound seltzer I picked up a few years ago. Has a bunch of cracks in it, but has matching top. Only paid a couple bucks for it, so worth it in my books.
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    Are These Insulators?

    Yeah, 100% agree. I have seen these online before, and they are always "from the mold" perfect. I suspect they are some sort of art glass type of thing, based of a general shape of an insulator.
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    Lockport Help

    Thanks for the prices, much appreciated.
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    Lockport Help

    A friend of mine recently purchased a large bottle collection close to his place. Over 500 bottles, with a lot of it being 5-10 dollar Ontario bottles. Had some better stuff in the collection for sure. He has enlisted me to sell it off for him. I know most, or a good chunk of the Canadian stuff...
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    Diamond Flint Glass Co. Insulator?

    They are Diamond Flint Glass Co insulators. If they were Dominion Productions, they would have a <D> or <P> in the least. I have heard that two diamond thing linked to Dominion before, but have never seen any evidence of it, and the time periods of the glass of those 102s is too early for...
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    Barn finds!

    I should add, all 4 of the signs are double sided.
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    Barn finds!

    Here is a photo of them after a quick cleaning. I gave them a better bath later after this photo was taken, and they look much better. Left them at my moms new place for now, and I will probably hang them up in the garage there.
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    Barn finds!

    Over the past summer, I have worked at cleaning out the barn at my moms property as we get ready to sell the farm. My parents built the house 30 years ago, and with my dads inability to throw stuff away, that was a large chore that still isnt done. The past weekend I was showing potential buyers...
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    Old, straight sided Coca-Cola bottle from Canada

    It is real, the Toronto straight sided cokes are not impossible to find but you dont see them every day. I would not call them rare. The neck does look weird in the photos, maybe just a fold in the glass catching the light wrong though. Nice bottle!
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    SUPER bubbly bottle

    Thanks for the replies, and thanks for the info cowseatmaize.
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    SUPER bubbly bottle

    Got this from a local guy who buys antiques at garage sales and flea markets. Had a box of bottles I went through, and this was the only interesting one. Paid a whole $5 for it. I normally would not buy a British unembossed bottle, but this one was way too cool. It is LOADED with bubbles, carbon...
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    Canadian/Southern Ontario diggers

    I had the same issue Ace sending you a PM. Seems the forum change over has changed some things. Go to your "forum actions"(red task bar) near the top of page and click on general settings. You then have to change Receive Private Messaging: to FROM ALL MEMBERS. Then go to the bottom of that...

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