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  1. ArmyDigger

    Scuba dive finds

    nice finds
  2. ArmyDigger

    Medieval Glass

    well thats nice to know I still wouldn't trust them to old and valuable what do you think they could go for just curious I dont see bottles this age for sale very much?
  3. ArmyDigger

    Random misc. bottles

    thats some hot colors right there
  4. ArmyDigger

    J A Aitken - Alliston Ontario Hutch bottle

    funny thing is ive been to hutch book to look my pottstown pa hutch and I didn't see none maybe its because I didn't look though.
  5. ArmyDigger

    J A Aitken - Alliston Ontario Hutch bottle

    well thats the first canadian hutch ive seen to be honest I didn't real know or think that canada made hutchs since most you see are us.
  6. ArmyDigger

    Medieval Glass

    real amazing how this stuff can still survive if I owned those they'd go into a vault id be so paranoid about them
  7. ArmyDigger

    What's Your Favorite Quack Medicine

    I changed my mind my favorite that I own is the Cuticura system for curing constitutional humors from the potter drug co out of Boston.
  8. ArmyDigger

    More from the Victorian dump

    That hair renewer is amazing with that color and that Portsmouth pot lid is real interesting to my NH collecting self.
  9. ArmyDigger

    More from the Victorian dump

    nice haul
  10. ArmyDigger

    Pontil shard embossing need help to ID and new early dump!

    the first picture looks to be a shard of a tonic maybe.
  11. ArmyDigger

    Hello all members.

    heres a link to one that looks like yours from 1912 https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1912-extra-large-slug-plate-pepsi-436949088
  12. ArmyDigger

    Hello all members.

    Im a novice when it comes to this but from what I have learned and can tell Id say its from between 1905 to 1918 hope this may help if not you could ask Southern Searcher.
  13. ArmyDigger

    Why so many druggist type bottles from California on ebay lol

    I just wonder because like 75% of druggist, apothecary, and drugstore bottles are from Cali when I check on ebay just kinda strange. Anyone on here a Cali collector?
  14. ArmyDigger

    Hello all members.

    Southern Searchers is from North Carolina and is based outta Selma NC where his shop is one of the states he digs is West Virginia but yeah he should be a useful source. Hes a collector of straight sided cokes and pepsis. Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/user/swbottles Link to his shop on...
  15. ArmyDigger

    River, Creek, or Lake finds

    old locks are cool to find and could be valuable espeacilly if they belong to a railroad and indian artifacts are cool havent found any myself as that stuff isnt my kind of thing.
  16. ArmyDigger

    One of a kind Texas whiskey bottle

    Nice i have an aqua one like this smaller size I believe and has an anchor on the bottom no embossing sadly picked it up at an antique store for 5 bucks.
  17. ArmyDigger

    Glass turtle whimsy

    I didn't know about these there cute prolly make a great thing as a line of them on a shelf, a paper weight, or in a garden or along a pathway.
  18. ArmyDigger

    River, Creek, or Lake finds

    nice mushrooms I believe there morsels if im not mistaken, nice pipes, and nice jugs.

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