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    So dark...

    OK...Hopefully my last question about this bushel of bottles...What light does pass thru shows a really dark olive amber...no embossing, none...and no visible vertical or horizontal seams, none...please give me something to go on, I don't even know where to start on this one...or, recycle...
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    Need to know what to call it....

    My bro inlaw picked up a bushel basket full of bottles and this one piqued my interest...embossed on the bottom with "CVR"...I think its an "R"...what do you call this style of bottle so I can do some better research..??..Thanks guys....
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    Picked up a nice color..I think..??

    I picked up this E-Z Seal in a nice dark amber...Questioning if this is a good color for this jar...Didn't know that they made it in this color...Is it a new Reproduction..??..Any help...Thanks in advance
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    Picked this bottle in a box lot...Have ?'s..

    Picked up this bottle in a box lot and am curious about the mold lines...There is a horizontal line below the shoulder, and then two vertical mold lines from there to the applied top...obviously a three part mold, but no mold lines from the shoulder down...just need someone to explain this...
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    Straight sided Orange Crush..??

    Picked up this Orange-Crush Bottling Co. bottle in a box lot...Embossed around the shoulder reads... Orange-Crush Bottling Co. base reads... Purity Beverage Corp. Cap 6 Fl Oz. Binghamton NYWould just like to know date of bottle if possible...Never seen a straight...
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    Need a Lid...

    Looking for the correct lid for this 1/2 gallon "Porcelain Lined"...Redbook shows a lugged lid...But on the half gallon..??...I'm more a lightning rod guy, but jars keep getting in the way...Any help would be appreciated...
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    Huron Valley Bottle and Insulator Club Show

    Antique bottle, lightning rod balls, weathervanes, insulators, jars, and just about everything else...October 5th, 2014 from 9am to 2pm at the Comfort Inn Conference Center in Chelsea, Michigan
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    Need help with jar lid placement..

    Picked up some jar lids this last week...and this one has me stumped...is this an insert for a common zinc lid...???... or for a zinc band..??..or some other style of closure..??..If anyone has a pic or information on this lid...Please share...Thanks
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    GEM jar lid

    Picked up some jars today and one was a GEM with a hero cross...It has, I think, a Crown glass lid and zinc band...can someone post a picture of the lid for this GEM jar...Thanks in advance
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    A & D.H.C. Blob Top

    Picked up a handful of these yesterday...they are embossed with the " A & D.H.C. " on the heel...one bottle has it in large letters and the other in smaller text...no other embossing...I've found that it is a Alexander & David H Chambers...1860's to 1880's..??..some still have a" Hutchinson"...
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    ? on a Huebner Toledo Breweries Co

    Lets start by saying I'm new to the bottle collecting...and kinda new to this site...I'm more of a lightning rod and anything related collector, but I pick up all kinds of glass because it intrigues me...I picked up this bottle in an estate sale box lot of bottles...I've never come across one...

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