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  1. FloridaDigger

    Dump Truck Finds

    Very nice haul!! dig that place up. Very hard to find bottles of that age in Florida.
  2. FloridaDigger

    Medical finds feom yesterday

    Not bad. Fun finds. Just need them to be about 20 or more years older. Maybe dig a little deeper? You are on the cusp.
  3. FloridaDigger

    Big Bottles

    Maybe you are talking about Demijohns or Carboys ? Used for various things. Wine, Water, etc.
  4. FloridaDigger

    Karel Singer bottle ????

    Hi. There is very little information on your bottle. Its value may just be in the tasty contents. Its not very old obviously. You could list it on eBay with a high reserve just to see what occurs.
  5. FloridaDigger

    Found bottles help me

    Pickle, Capers, Olives, etc jars. Very common but cool.
  6. FloridaDigger

    Whitehouse Vinegar bottle??????

    It looks like a refrigerator water bottle. Used over and over again. I have a very similar bottle. Also prune juice bottles were the same green color.
  7. FloridaDigger

    Bottles found metal detecting

    Hi. Your bottles are from the 1940's range. Not really of much value but cool regardless. The pair of green ones might be saleable because of color and pattern. Most screw top stuff is just not old enough. Looks great in a window!
  8. FloridaDigger

    Need In formation

    You can still buy a soda called Cheerwine; ..I think produced in NC. Very tasty stuff. Might have been similar to the Bludwine. I have nearly the same bottle as yours but from Florida cities. 1915-1920 range.
  9. FloridaDigger

    Amber one pint flask. Colonial and nautical themes. Dating question.

    Hi. Yes this bottle is from the 1940's. I have dug a couple of them here in Florida. I fouind them in a layer that was nearly all 1940's to 1950's range. It was from a large city dump dating from 1890's up to about 1965. Very common bottle. Very little value; ...but cool. If it was full and...
  10. FloridaDigger

    Marbles from the 1896 homestead?

    Hi. They are marbles. But no where near as old as the house. And quite common as well. They are early Japan produced marbles. Not sure what company. The give away is the manufacturing crease. These marbles were also produced in a greenish hue.
  11. FloridaDigger

    Ultra rare Coke for sale

    The amber SS Lexington KY bottles are very common. But cant recall seeing one with the G (Graham) on the base. Guess we will see what happens in the next 3 days on eBay! Good luck.
  12. FloridaDigger

    Tooled Crown Top?

    Very pretty bottle! Being that it is a crown top; ...it would be dated after 1892. But my guess on your bottle would be after 1910? range; ...possible as early as 1907-1908.
  13. FloridaDigger

    what is it?

    That is a odd piece. I could believe horse spur related? or possibly a door knocker?
  14. FloridaDigger

    New Dig Site.

    Regardless of being dug or not; ...It is still well worth digging again. Go wider and deeper than anyone else is my technique!
  15. FloridaDigger

    New Dig Site.

    It looks like a dump just for a certain bottling plant or company. And it looks heavily dug already to me. We have a SS Coke bottling dump here in Gainesville Fla; ....most of the Gville bottles are broken; ...thats why they were dumped. You can find some "rogue" city bottles that were whole...
  16. FloridaDigger

    Privy finding

    A metal detector and a probbing rod. Most privys are very close to the house unless there is a handy wooded lot close by. Most privys I have dug have been on the fence line or as close as 30? feet from house. I would try a metal detector first.
  17. FloridaDigger

    Identify thin-walled round-bottomed with external turned lip

    Bottles like these were also used for spice racks. The large lip slid into a wood rack. I have a orange bottle like yours. I have seen a set with rack on eBay.
  18. FloridaDigger

    Trash Dump Dig #3

    Looks like a lot of fun. I have not been able to dig in over year. Girlfriends and I love to dig even if we dont get anything great. We still find marbles, stoppers, doll parts, small cute bottles, etc. We have been doing a lot of fossil/sharks teeth hunting mostly.
  19. FloridaDigger

    Old Home Site

    Good job Penny; ..glad it was a privy. Privys were often used as both a bathroom & garbage pit; ..not always separate. Seeds were both "deposited" (as RICK stated) AND thrown in as kitchen waste. Digging two separate areas was a chore; ..so often the privy served as both; ...and thanks to...
  20. FloridaDigger

    Over 250 Bottles lot up for sale on Ebay

    Deblamb; ...most of your collection looks to be fairly common stuff; ...but a incredible deal for your opening bid! I do know there are gargantuan dumps that are being dug near London, where truck loads of bottles are being brought out every day. I would guess the digger kept his/her best...

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