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  1. J

    This year's river finds

    What I know so far: 1930's Listerine Bottle, Pre-WWII Sanford's ink well, two Saki-bin bottles early 20th Century, Chinese bean pot and tiger wiskey vessels, 3 pint whiskey flasks with no embossing except for the prohibited to refill, an 18th century hand tooled wine bottle, two bottles posted...
  2. J

    Bagley & Co bottle

    This small bottle has B & Co Ld on the base indicating it was manufactured by Bagley & Co between 1899 and 1920. There is a horseshoe like embossment on the side. It stands 3 1/2 inches tall. Any idea what it was used for? I have not seen another like it.
  3. J

    River Bottle

    I found this in California. It has an applied top, seams from a clamshell mold with extruding glass and only the three numbers on the base shown as markings. Any thoughts as to what I have here? I posted here because of the extrusion suggesting an older less well fitting mold. The bottle is a...
  4. J

    mystery bottle with horizontal ribs

    I found this unusual bottle. I don't think it is that old, but have thus far been unable to identify it and verify whether or not it is relatively old. Any help or ideas appreciated Jerry
  5. J

    Hutchinson Bottle

    Found near Sacramento. It is embossed with a large H on one side and a large P on the other. Under the H is SAC embossed. On the bottom is C. S. W. and SAC. I have not been able to find out anything about this particular bottle. All help and suggestions appreciated.
  6. J

    Snuff Bottle Id please

    The attached bottle seems to clearly be a molded amber American snuff bottle. It has bubbles in the glass and an applied top suggesting pre-1900. The problem I am having in identifying the bottle is the embossed bottom. It has a pair of spectacles (or pince-nez) with a chain. The chain seems...
  7. J

    What Is It?

    I'm not sure if this belongs here or before 1900. The seam does not go through the top and is a fairly rough, though straight seam. There are air bubbles in the glass, the bottom has a round or conical indentation with glass flow inside to one side, there are turning marks on the neck. The...
  8. J

    small port? bottle

    I also found this bottle near Sacramento. The seam runs through the top. It looks like a cork or stopper top, and there are bubbles in the glass. On the side there is a stylized P followed by small ort- followed by a triangle or stylized heart or D. Under that is inc and under that is reg...
  9. J

    Old Ketchup Bottle--unusual top

    I found this recently in the Sacramento, CA area. The seam goes through the top. The bottom has 0-7195, an A in an H and an O in an O and the number 12 on it. Every other flat side has a raised line, and the top has an interesting thread quite far down from the lip. The bottle is 23" high...
  10. J

    1961 O I Soda(?) bottle

    This is a bottle I found in a river in Northern California. I have looked on the internet but not found a match for the bottle. It has a raised band just below the shoulder and one above the base. This is a 14oz bottle. from the looks of the bottom this is an Owens Illinois manufactured...
  11. J

    Vernors Soda Bottle

    I found a bottle while diving off the coast of Southern California. The label is gone, but just below the neck is the embossed words "The One and Only." My internet research tells me that this is a Vernors Ginger Ale bottle. By construction it does not look too old. Around the heel is a...

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