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  1. K

    1st good find of the year!

    Fantastic looking bottle. Very nice find!
  2. K

    Stoddard Double Eagle Display

    Wow! Those are beautiful flasks.
  3. K

    Maid's Pharmacy Tupperlake, New York with deer

    That is a very cool bottle!
  4. K

    Gradnma's Bottles & Flasks

    Yes, they are all reproductions, but they do make an impressive collection.
  5. K

    Case Gin

    Great looking bottle & a wonderful find!
  6. K

    Got last week....

    Very nice jar!
  7. K

    What Is This Lid Band For?

    It looks alot like the screw bands used on the A.G.Smalley & Co. amber quart jars (Red Book #2643-2646.
  8. K

    Pittsburgh Clasp Hands / Union Flasks

    Those are very nice looking flasks!
  9. K

    What is this bottle? Could it be from the 1912 Eclipse??

    A very nice jar indeed. It is a wax sealer and the missing tin lid & clamp is not a big deal at all, as these components can easily be added to the jar. Value in the current Red Book (#12) lists the amber quart & half gallons at $2,500.00 & up. A possible maker of the jar would be the LaBelle...
  10. K

    Amber H&H coffee jar

    The Pittsburgh Antique Bottle Club is having it's 48th annual show & sale on Sunday, November 12th. You may want to try finding one there.
  11. K

    Crystal Canning or Milk Jar

    For info about "Red Book" The Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars, go to REDBOOKJARS.COM Bill.
  12. K

    Crystal Canning or Milk Jar

    Russ, Your jar is # 705 in The Red Book. The correct closure for this jar is not the normal zinc lid, but instead takes a glass lid with a February 4, 1873 patent date. Current Red Book value is $100-150 for a quart and $125-175 for a 1/2 gallon. (With the correct glass lid). The jar was...
  13. K

    Remarkable USS Constitution Lacey Glass Tray

    That is a beautiful piece of glass.
  14. K


    Very nice little jar. Red Book # 11 lists the value at $350.00 - $500.00 You should contact Greg Spurgeon at North American Glass.His latest on-line auction just ended late last week, but he should be having another auction in a couple of months.

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