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  1. H

    Dump Truck Finds

    You got more quality bottles in 1 dig than I have in 40+ years, Congrats and keep digging !
  2. H

    Unusual 7 Up Bottle

    This bottle is for currently for sale on eBay - I was wondering how common this style of a 7 Up bottle is ? It looks like it is from "????? Distributing Co., Bethlehem PA".
  3. H

    Sun Tang

    Here is another bottle to compare the embossing to your Sun Tang (courtesy of eBay):
  4. H

    Fanta the Grand Daddy!

    Were the clear bottles used for some flavors, and the green ones for others, or did the color of glass not matter for the contents ?
  5. H

    Sun Tang

    Check out the embossing on this bottle (courtesy of eBay):
  6. H

    Recently found these

    Screwtop, THANK YOU !
  7. H

    Found this one Yesterday

    Beautiful find, Congrats !
  8. H

    Westinghouse Refrigerator Pitcher

    Can we see a picture of that ACL Soda Water bottle too ? Thanks !
  9. H

    Whistle Bottling Company

    That sure looks like a C C (Coca Cola) Soda bottle. Nice find !
  10. H

    Bottle DIGGING book just published!

    Good luck on your book ! I hope it does well.
  11. H

    Sick glass

    I have to give you the standard warning about tumbling bottles - if you ever plan to sell them, some collectors love tumbled bottles, others wont touch them. Do whatever YOU want to do.
  12. H

    Hires to Canada!

    I've always thought Hires had great looking ACL bottle. Thanks for posting your Hires collectables, you have some excellent items.
  13. H

    The T.A. Snider Preserve Co. Cincinnati O

    Does anyone know anything about this bottle or firm ? I assume it is a katchup bottle ? On the base are the markings "K" and "4". Any info would be most appreciated!
  14. H

    New applied color label (acl) article

    Bob, Thank you for the link, this is a great tool every ACL bottle collector must have.
  15. H

    7-Up bottle

    The Triple XXX code on the bottle is 15 <OI> 48 so I think this makes it a bottle made in Waco Texas in 1948 for the Nu Grape Bottling Co. of Amarillo Texas.
  16. H

    7-Up bottle

    The Triple XXX has a lug - square protruding out.
  17. H

    7-Up bottle

    The Triple XXX bottle I mentioned earlier has a Owens Illinois Duraglass code mark : 15 <OI> 48.
  18. H

    7-Up bottle

    SodaBob, Thank you for the additional information. You are an invaluable resource.
  19. H

    7-Up bottle

    Are these square lugs only internal (press into the bottle) ? I have a Triple XXX Root Beer Duraglass bottle with one that is external (sticks out of the bottle). Thanks !
  20. H

    Thoughts on where to start digging at old home site?

    Is that asbestos siding laying around there ?

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